Passion Pro TR the Indian Tiger

Passion Pro TR the Indian Tiger

In march 2014 Hero moto corp. decided to revamp their more than a decade old motorcycle, the Passion. This time it is not any ordinary facelift it seems they have decided to think out of the box. The legendry looks of the Passion have been preserved but on top of it the bike is equipped with all sorts of off-roading equipment on the front end of the bike.
The bike comes with a very comfortable seat and suspension setup is as usual. Though the bike is equipped with off-roading equipment like flying mudguard, knuckle protector, silencer bottom protector (which they call it as a engine shield), headlight grill again first time on the Hero and also thigh gripper to hold on to the bike firmly.  But the rear end of the bike not been tinkered with to gel with the front of the bike.

Hero Passion Pro-Tr is priced just eight hundred rupees higher than the usual Passion Pro highest model ex-showroom Delhi. By the way Tstands for TRANS ROADER, Hero has put in lot of effort to make the new outfit on the old star. But we still fail to understand the objective of the company to manufacture such motorcycle with lower engine capacity. Hero had launched the amazing Impulse a long time back which they have discontinued now, then why a Trans-roader again.

 It seems Hero is desperately trying to grab more customers by making aesthetic changes rather than building new one. Lets hope Hero comes with a real Trans-roader again.


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