Vespa SXL150 Vs Suzuki New Access 125 comparison review

Vespa SXL 150 vs Suzuki New Access 125


Suzuki has always has been known for the reliability in India, right from the Samurais to Fieros. Suzuki always give the best performance product than best appearance. On the other hand Vespa is an Italian brand.

         Suzuki New Access 125 is a complete makeover of the current version of Suzuki Access 125, the new Suzuki Access 125 styling has been improved a lot from the older sibling could had been more better though. The Access 125 has started appearing like an Italian scooter due to its headlamp styling with chrome bezel around, thanks to the styling team as they have come out of their dull looks. On the other hand, the Vespa SXL 150 carries the legendary look of the Vespa 50 Special model. Talking about the engine of the Access 125, it's extremely refined and punchy, the bike can easily fly up-to 85kmph with no hesitation. Same is the case with the Vespa SXL 150, it even has a better power plant due to its bigger bore stroke value on the paper. Both vehicles have 5 spoke alloys wheels but the Vespa rims look a class apart.
       Suzuki New Access 125 has ample space on the saddle as the overall vehicle is 100 mm longer than the Vespa SXL 150. The Access 125 seat is styling is decent foam type cover whereas the Vespa SXL 150 seat cover is plush leather finish with leather strap for a premium look. Even both vehicles have similar sitting height but it is more roomer on the Suzuki New Access 125. Talking about the ride of the vehicle, both the vehicles have a completely different setups, the Suzuki New Access 125 has a telescopic fork on the front which handles superb on the corners, on the Vespa SXL 150 the front suspension is uni-link with anti-dive technology which on some maneuvers give goose bumps.

    Suzuki New Access 125 has a tube type frame under the thin metal robe where as the Vespa SXL 150 has a complete monocoque body which is extremely good for the torsional loading on the frame. The Suzuki New Access 125 body cover panels are partially metal and plastic where as on the Vespa SXL 150 only the front mud-guard and the head lamp cover is made out of plastic. On the Suzuki New Access 125 the proportion of all the lamps to the body size are quite larger but on the Vespa SXL 150 all the lamps sizes are small and decent to the proportion of the vehicle body. Suzuki 125 has very less chrome on the exterior, on the Vespa 150 chrome finish parts can be seen on all the perimeter.  

On Access 125 the rear grab handle comes as a standard fitment but on the Vespa SXL 150 it comes as an extra buck which can cost really high. Suzuki 125 switch gears are simple and placed very well but on the Vespa 150 the switch gear has issues while approach. 

Talking about the cost of the bikes, Suzuki New Access 125 is quite affordable and approvable, in the range of three quarters of a lakh whereas the Vespa 150 goes in the range of a lakh rupees.

Suzuki has been their very strong in the Indian market from last few decades with which they have managed a good service base, on the contrary the Piaggio is trying to establish the service network which still remains question to the customer. Again the cost of ownership on the Vespa 150 is expected to be higher than the Suzuki Access 125.

Our Verdict: Suzuki New Access 125 is a scooter of common daily commute,whereas the Piaggio Vespa 150 is a highly styled page three scooter for the youth.

Our Choice: Suzuki New Access 125

Vespa 150 Alloys

Vespa 150 Mode button

Vespa 150 Digital speedo console

Vespa 150 Matt Red

Suzuki New Access 125
Vespa SXL 150
Overall Length
1,870 mm
1770 mm
Overall Width
655 mm
690 mm
Overall Height
1,160 mm
1140 mm
1,265 mm
1340 mm 
Ground Clearance
160 mm
 150 mm
Seat Height
780 mm
780 mm 
Curb Mass
102 kg
 114 Kg
Fuel Tank
5.6 L
 7 L

Engine Type
4-Cycle, 1-Cylinder, Air cooled
 1-Cylinder, Air cooled
Valve System
SOHC, 2 Valve
SOHC, 3 Valve
124 cm3
154.4 cm3
Bore x Stroke
52.5 x 57.4 mm
62.8x 48.6 mm 
Engine output
8.7ps @ 7000rpm
11.6ps @ 7000rpm
10.2N-m @ 5000rpm
11.5N-m @ 5500rpm
Fuel System
Starter System
Kick and Electric
Kick and Electric
Transmission Type

Swing arm

Tyres Size

90/90 - 12 - Tubeless
110/70 - 11 - Tubless
90/100 - 10 - Tubeless
120/70 - 10 - Tubless

Maintenance Free 12V, 3Ah
Maintenance Free 12V, 11Ah 
12V 35/35W
12V 35/35W

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