TVS Jupiter vs Activa 3G Comparison Review

Honda Activa 3G vs TVS Jupiter MillionR Comparison Review:

Pricing & Features: 

The Jupiter MillionR edition, costs 60,000 Rs. on road, Delhi. This makes it 4000 Rs. more expensive, than the Activa 3G, which has a sticker price of 56,000 Rs. In terms of equipment, the Jupiter MillionR has quite a few extra features over the Activa 3G like a front disc brake, alloy wheels, telescopic suspension, mobile charging point, alloy wheels and an external fuel filler cap!

Price, On Road, Delhi: 
Jupiter MillionR: 60,000 Rs
Activa 3G: 56,000 Rs

Reliability & After Sales Service:  
This is the reason why Honda sells almost 3 lakh Activas a month, while TVS manages to sell just 50,000 Jupiters. Honda has an unbeatable track record at product reliability, which it has painstakingly built up over the past three decades in our country. Its products have been so faultlessly reliable, that they have always managed to outlive any other products made by its competitors. TVS has also paid keen attention to reliability of its products, but still, it has never been in the same league as Honda. If you don’t believe us, just compare a 2003 Scooty Pep to a 2003 Activa and you’ll understand the difference. Honda also has a slight advantage over TVS in terms of its network reach and service quality as well.

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Fuel Efficiency: 
The second most important reason why customers choose the Activa over a Jupiter is its real-world fuel efficiency. The Jupiter MillionR edition has an ARAI certified mileage of 62 kmpl, compared to Activa 3G’s 60 kmpl. However, in our back-to-back tests, the Activa 3G was a mind blowing, 8 kmpl more efficient than the Jupiter MillionR.

ARAI Mileage: Jupiter MillionR – 60 kmpl, Activa 3G – 62 kmpl

Test Fuel Efficiency: Jupiter MillionR – 42 kmpl, Activa 3G – 50 kmpl

Fuel Cost (for usage of 60,000 km): 
Jupiter MillionR - 1 Lakh Rs.
Activa 3G - 84,000 Rs.

Resale Price (after 5 - 7 years & 60,000 km):
5 to 7 year old TVS Wegos retail for around 32,000 Rs. in the used market. A Jupiter bought today is expected to fetch a similar value down the line. Activas of similar vintage, fetch a higher resale value of around 37,000 Rs. giving it a noteworthy, 9000 Rs. advantage in terms of depreciation, over a corresponding Jupiter.

Jupiter MillionR - 32,000 Rs.
Activa 3G - 37,000 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership (Price + Fuel Cost - Resale Price): 
Overall, the Activa 3G works out to be 25,000 Rs. cheaper than a TVS Jupiter, in terms of Total Cost of Ownership assuming an ownership period of 5 to 7 years.

Jupiter MillionR - 1.28 Lakh
Activa 3G - 1.03 Lakh
Performance & Tractability: 
The Jupiter has a fairly refined powertrain, with transmission judder kept well under control and linear power delivery from its CVT gearbox. But even then, Activa's engine-transmission feels like it is from a different league altogether when ridden back to back. The engine is buttery smooth, with instant response to throttle inputs, thanks to its strong low-end torque and lag-free CVT box. But the best part about the Honda powertrain is that it remains just as refined and responsive even after years of neglect, whereas the Jupiter's powertrain might require some maintenance after a few years. Both scooters have almost identical power-to-weight ratio, which makes them quite evenly matched in terms of outright performance.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Jupiter MIllionR - 74, Activa 3G - 73
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Jupiter MillionR - 74, Activa 3G - 82

Power (PS@rpm): Jupiter MillionR - 8.0@7500, Activa 3G – 7.9@7000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Jupiter MIllionR - 8.0@5500, Activa 3G – 8.8@5500
Kerb Weight (kg): Jupiter MillionR - 108, Activa 3G – 108

Displacement (cc): Jupiter MillionR - 109.7, Activa 3G – 109.2

Handling & Ride Quality:
The Jupiter fights back with outstanding dynamics, compared to Activa's highly deficient chassis-suspension. Activa 3G continues to use the outdated trailing link type of front suspension, which coupled with its tiny 10 inch wheels, short wheelbase and drum brakes makes it one of the worst scooters to ride over the bumps and potholes. It transfers the impact from even the smaller potholes, straight to the rider's spine and fails to hold its line when faced with a series of undulations. The problem with a trailing link suspension is that, when you apply the front brake, it causes the scooter to squat instead of pitch (dip), transferring the weight to the rear axle and resulting in loss of traction at the front. This makes it downright unsafe during emergency braking situation and especially dangerous in the wet. The Wego on the other hand with 12 inch alloys at both ends, a telescopic front suspension, longer wheelbase and a disc brake, has given it one of the best ride quality of any scooter in the country today. High speed stability and stability under hard braking is also far safer than the Activa.

Tyre Size: 
Front: Jupiter MillionR – 90/90R12, Activa 3G - 90/100R10 Tubeless
Rear: Jupiter MillionR – 90/90R12, Activa 3G - 90/100R10 Tubeless

Front: Jupiter MillionR - 220mm Disc, Activa 3G – 130mm Drum
Rear: Jupiter MillionR - 130mm Drum, Activa 3G – 130mm Drum (with CBS)

Wheelbase (mm): Jupiter MillionR – 1275, Activa 3G – 1238

Comfort & Ergonomics: 
Both Scooters are designed to find favour with a wide range of users. Both have similar seat heights, with an upright seating position, wide, well-cushioned seats and a flat and wide floorboard. Both have sufficient under-seat storage to accommodate a full face helmet. However, the Jupiter takes the practicality a step further, by providing a mobile charger in the under-seat storage and an external fuel-filler cap behind the seat, which does not require you to get up from the seat at petrol pumps and which can be opened by twisting the key in the opposite direction from the ignition key barrel itself.

Seat Height (mm): Jupiter MillionR - 765, Activa 3G - 765

The Activa has been the firm favourite of the Indian customers for donkeys years. It is simply impossible to beat in terms of refinement, reliability and efficiency. However, Honda has become far too complacent with their success. They have ignored the need for better suspension and tyres for a long time. What is the use of saving 25% in Ownership Costs, if it wears out your spinal cord? The reality of Indian roads is that you are going to encounter a hundred potholes everyday and the Jupiter will give you far less grief over each one of them. The reality is that you are going to encounter panic braking situations at least once a week. The Jupiter just might save you from a borderline slip and fall where the Activa wont. It is very difficult to put a monetary value on good bump absorption and stability. But we are quite sure that it is far more valuable than the 25,000 Rs. difference between the Cost of Ownership of a Jupiter and an Activa. Which is why the TVS Jupiter MillionR is the deserving winner of this shootout.