Benelli TNT 25 vs Benelli TNT 300 Comparison Review

Benelli TNT 25 vs Benelli TNT 300 Comparison Review

Two naked bikes, differentiated by 50cc, made by the same company? Aren’t they gonna compete with each other? Let’s find out the real differences why one would buy either of them.

Styling & features:
Clearly, both the bikes are naked sportsters and sport the exact same bikiniheadlmap fairing. From the front, it’s almost impossible for someone to differentiate between the two. Only a trained eye, will notice the single disc on the left side of the TNT25 (the TNT 300 has twin disc set up at the front) and somewhat leaner front tyrewidth (25 having to do with the MRFs whereas the TNT 300 comes up with Pirellis). Nor will you see the extended tank scoops from the front. The 300s tank is a massive looking 17ltrs whereas the Benelli TNT 25 also features a 17 ltrs and looks sharper. Both the bikes have trellis frame however, the TNT 300s is quite visible and looks awesome. The TNT 300 comes with a single large seat set up where as the 25 makes do with splitseat. The single cylinder TNT25 has a silencer protruding from right hand side where as the TNT300 has an underbelly exhaust system with two pipes emerging from the twin cylinders.

Performance & tractability:
TNT300 is powered by a twin cylinder 300 cc engine making a total power of 38.5bhp @ 11,500rpm and a torque figure of 27Nm @9000rpm.  The 25 produces 24.1PS at 9000rpm and 20.6Nm at 7000rpm. Obviously the refinement levels of the TNT300 are way better than the single cylinder TNT25. The engine sound from the 25 is quite gruff whereas the TNT300 produces amazing sound just like an in-line 4 cylinder bike. Needless to say, the higher capacity and more powerful TNT300cc puts it way ahead of the TNT25 in terms of 0-100 and then to a claimed top speed 175kmph compared to the top speed of 146kmph of TNT25. The weight of the TNT 300 plays spoil sport actually in initial acceleration but once in her power band (which comes at a higher 5000-6000rpm), the sprints are blazing fast, with dollops of torque and oh-so-sexy exhaust note, all through the rev band! The TNT25 loses ground post the 0-100 and in spite of lower weight and cycle parts, fails to match the performance of the 300.

Ride & Handling:
The TNT300 is a naked bike and has the handlebar quite up. The setup makes for a relaxed seating position for the rider; the rider isn’t crouched on the handlebars. The footpegs though are somewhat rear set but not too much. Thus, this bike is best suited for everyday rides and long distance travel. The TNT25 is almost similar to the 300 but the handlebar is slightly dropped down at the edges, giving it somewhat a feeling of older generation Pulsar 200.

The braking duties on the TNT 300 are done by twin petal discs up front and a single pot disc at the rear. The bike doesn’t wallow or leave its line while applying both the brakes simultaneously at a speed of 70 kmph. The brakes are sharp and have enough bite. The fatter Pirelli rubbers do their job pretty well and give the rider enough confidence through corners. The bike also has tendency to touch (the silencer) the tarmac on every speed breaker if it’s high enough. The rear suspension is adjustable so a rider can twist the small dial to make the ride stiff or soft depending upon the type of riding he/she is going to do. The seat cushioning is so perfect that you wouldn’t think of any other bike in this class to do a long distance trip – both, for the rider as well as the pillion.

The TNT 25 does with slimmer MRF tyres, which are not so bad for street riding.  It also misses the dual disc setup up front, but the single disc brake has enough bite and stops the bike in time. At the rear is the single pot disc brake which is good in feel and bite. Both the bikes are still without ABS. Point to be noted here is the brake pads areexpensive. The 300 has easily adjustable rear monoshock whereas the TNT25 rear suspension would need you more time to adjust it to suit your taste. The seats are split seats and aren’t as comfortable as its elder sibling. And the rear seat is smaller too. Pillion riders aren’t gonna be happy to be on it for more than 30 mins, both seats being somewhat firm. The 300 is somewhat difficult to manage in tight parking areas and one has to be careful about the rear number plate touching other vehicles in the parking while maneuvering in such situations.
The Benelli TNT 300 is one of the best entry level twin cylinder performance bikes which is capable of doing long tours and making one helluva noise while doing that. The bike has lots of suspension customizations to its virtue, a bigger capacity tank, appropriately cushioned seat, fatter tyres, excellent illumination at night, relaxed seating position. It’s made for a more matured rider who doesn’t always want to go fast. It’s a machine made for everyday office rides, weekend rides and also long rides.
The TNT 25 is for the people who are looking for a budget entry level quarter litre bike from the Italian maker in their parking. It’s a 250cc single cylinder machine which looks unique and does a pretty decent job of catching eyes and also being like no other.It also is the only other 250cc naked bike available in India apart from Kawasaki Z250. It has some unique features like the trellis frame, hazard lights, and silver finished front fork pipes.The bike also does have a good rideability and is quitea perky performer.