Honda Unicorn 150 Vs CB Unicorn 160 Comparison Review

CB Unicorn 160 vs CB Unicorn Comparison Review
Since its launch in the year 2004, Honda Unicorn 150 has been loved by many individuals with a variety of requirements, whether it maybe for a family commute or for adrenaline seeking solo riders. Unicorn 150 has been the choice of many who love the comfort and a peace of mind from thanks to the engine smoothness and overall well controlled NVH.

                         Unicorn 150's styling has not been changed significantly since past 12 years since its launch, minor modifications or even some cost cutting can be seen if compared to the old version of the motorcycle. Whereas, the CB 160 is complete new looking motorcycle, right from the speedo dial, which has been made complete digital "look quite captivating", on the contrary the Unicorn 150 speedo are too decrepit styling.

The Unicorn 150 runs on 18 inch tires whereas the CB 160 has 17 inch wheels which makes is more stable by lowering the CG of the rider with bike itself. Even the rear tire section of CB 160 is wider than the Unicorn 150 which makes the CB 160 additionally stable at corners. Unicorn 150 has one of the best seating comfort for both rider as well as the pillion. While taking about the comfort on the CB 160, it is at par with the rival. But the Unicorn 150 takes the lead when it comes to the vehicle overall length by 50 mm and 20 mm higher ground clearance than the CB 160, you can experience more seating space on the Unicorn 150 and better ground clearance, which will help you go even off road without any hesitation.

But talking about the tires of both the bikes, both have been supplied with MRF tires only the major difference comes in as the CB 160 is offered with tubeless tires compared to the tube type tires on the Unicorn 150 which can be time consume in punctured conditions sometimes. On the other hand the CB 160 is offered with an option of Combine Braking system yes "CBS", which will assist the rider to use both brake even only one brake is pressed. Such safety feature is not available on the decade old Unicorn 150. 

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One new thing on the CB 160 is that the rear drum anti-rotation lock is not conventional or similar to any other bike available in India, it is directly locked with the swing arm with very small cantilever bracket inbuilt with the drum-plate itself. This feature will help the mechanic to remove the rear wheel with much easier way compared to the conventional design. When talking about the front brakes, both the vehicle have similar 240 mm diameter brake discs, but the CB 160 has better stopping distance as the motorcycle weighs 11 kg lower than the Unicorn 150. 

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Our verdict: Unicorn 150 is still the choice of the youth due to its legacy and when compared on the price part it again has an upper hand with the rival as the price is approximately 4k lower.

Our choice: Unicorn 150

Unicorn 150 front 240mm disc
CB 160 front 240mm disc

Unicorn 150 headlamp
CB 160 headlamp

Unicorn 150 tank style
CB 160 tank style

Unicorn 150 analog cluster
CB 160 digital cluster

Unicorn 150 with heel shifter not show in the photo

Unicorn 150
CB 160
149.1 cc
162.71 cc
Maximum Power
13.14 Bhp @ 8500 rpm
14.5 BHP @ 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque
12.84 Nm @ 5500 rpm
14.61 NM @ 6000 rpm
No. of Cylinders
No. of Gears
Seat Height
790 mm
780 mm
Ground Clearance
179 mm
150 mm
Kerb/Wet Weight
146 kg
135 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity
13 litres
12 litres
Top Speed
101 kmph
106 kmph
Front Tyre
2.75 x 18"
Rear Tyre
3.00 X 18"
Wheel Type
Black Alloys
Tubeless Tyres
Not available
Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)
Rs 68,323
Rs 72,412
On-Road Price (Delhi)
Rs 75,554 (approx.)
Rs 82,752 (approx.)
45-55 kmpl (approx.)
42-52 kmpl (approx.)
Sports Commuter
Sports Commuter
Available colors
Pearl Igneous Black, Space Silver Metallic, Red
Imperial Red Metallic, Pearl Black, Geny Grey Metallic and Sunbeam White

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