Honda Activa 3g vs Hero Maestro Edge Comparison Review

Honda Activa 3g vs Hero Maestro Edge Comparison Review

Honda Activa 3g: Tubeless tires, combi brakes, wider seat, higher engine torque at lower rpm
Hero Maestro Edge: Tubeless tires, alloy wheels, telescopic front forks, mobile charging point, boot lamp, combi brakes, immobilizer sensor key, digital speedo

Honda Activa 3g: fuel efficiency, anti-dive suspension, no tech features
Hero Maestro Edge:  idle vibrations, low end torque, complete plastic body

Talking about the Honda Activa 3g is the same old Activa from our college days just that Honda has improved the quality to next level. Honda Activa 3g is the highest selling scooteret for last few years. On the other hand we have the Hero Maestro Edge, which was launch late last year, the Hero Maestro Edge is built on the Maestro platform with aerodynamic styling.

Performance and Driveability:
The Honda Activa 3g is very well tuned vehicle, variety of customers use the vehicle for daily use, it can carry heap of material for you, thanks to its engines higher torque which kicks-in 1000rpm lower than the Hero Maestro Edge. Hero Maestro Edge has a peppy performance but cannot match the grunt of the Honda Activa 3g engine tuning. On the Honda Activa 3g, acceleration from stand still can be felt refreshing but the Hero Maestro Edge feels sluggish at some point. But interesting parts is both the bike perform 0-60 kmph in around same time of about 10sec. Max power on the Honda Activa 3g is generated at 500rpm lesser than the Hero Maestro Edge, which can help you attain highers speeds with less fuel consumption on long runs.

Ride and Handling:

The Honda Activa 3g front suspension is generation old anti-dive mechanism whereas the Hero Maestro Edge has a telescopic fork similar to the motorcycles. On the Honda Activa 3g leaning on curves can give you goose bumps, but with the telescopic front forks the Hero Maestro Edge almost handles like a motorcycle. Hero Maestro Edge has a upper hand on the handling due to its higher wheel base and 12 inch front tire. 

Comfort and ergonomics:

The Honda Activa 3g has a wider seat and half an inch lower seat height, which will be convenient to most of the Indian ladies, hence it score a better point than the Hero Maestro Edge in our opinion. Both the scooters have an upright sitting posture but the Hero Maestro Edge is 2kgs heavier than the Honda Activa 3g which can be down side for the Hero. Even the foot board of both the machines are quite adequate for Indian customer usages.
Both the scooters have the static rear brake locking system for safety which is very convenient to use.


On styling the Honda Activa 3g is still the same looking scooter, there are not quite great changes which they have made since past. But the Hero Maestro Edge looks cutting edge. It has a cute small Italian scooter type front mudguard with sharp front nose. But the headlight fairing seems too large for the proportion of the scooter, the Hero Maestro Edge also feature a small visor wind sheild on the handle bars. On the rear side the Hero Maestro Edge has dual led tail lamps which are first in the class.

          Hero Maestro dual led tail lamps                   
              Honda Activa conventional tail lamp                     

Hero Maestro Boot mobile charger and boot lamp
Boot space inside Honda Activa 3

Immobilizer feature in the Hero Maestro Edge
Honda Active 3g has basic analog speedo console with handle bar mounted turn indicators whereas on the Hero Maestro Edge we have a combination of digital and analog speedo cluster. Lots of information and auto back light, side stand indication is standard. The bike also has unique cone shaped rectangular section muffler, the muffler has premium looking envelope which also helps to keep the heat away from the passerby.
Both bikes feature Tubeless tires but the Hero Maestro Edge has alloy wheels standard on the VX model, which takes the road inputs more better without bending the rims in early years of usage.

Hero Maestro Edge digital Speedo cluster
Honda Activa 3g Speedo Cluster
Honda has been known for reliability for years, it's like symbol of quality but Hero's seeds were planted by non other than Honda. Hence its tough competition.

Honda Activa 3g 51799 INR exshowroom

Hero Maestro Edge LX 51275/ VX 52600 INR exshowroom

Our verdict: if you want something refreshing and big looking machine Hero Maestro Edge is our choice.

Detailed specification:

Honda Activa 3g
Hero Maestro Edge
Air cooled, 4 stroke, SI engine
Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHC
Cylinder capacity
109.2 cc
Max net power
8bhp @7500 rpm
8.31 BHP @ 8000 rpm
Max net torque
8.83 Nm @ 5500 rpm
8.30 Nm @ 6500rpm
Bore x Stroke
50 x 55.6 mm
50.0 × 56.5 mm
Compression ratio
Air filter type
Viscous paper filter
Viscous, Paper Pleated Type
Starting method
V – Matic
Variomatic Drive (2.51 - 0.85)
Max speed
82 kmph
85 kmph
1190 mm
Wheel base
Ground clearance
Seat height
775 mm
Kerb weight
109 Kg ( LX) / 110 Kg ( VX)
Fuel tank capacity
5.5 Ltrs (Min.)
12V 3Ah (MF)
12 V - 4 Ah MF Battery (VX), 12 V - 5 Ah - Lead Acid Type (LX)
Head lamp
12V 35/35W
12V- 35W / 35W - Halogen Bulb (Multi-Reflector Type)
Frame type
Under bone
High Rigidity Under Bone Type
Spring loaded hydraulic type
Telescopic, Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Spring loaded hydraulic type
Unit Swing with Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper
Tyre size (front)
90/100 - 12 
Tyre size (Rear)
90/100 - 10
Brake type & size (front)
Internal expanding shoe type (130 mm) (CBS)
Brake type & size (rear)
Durm130 Drum (CBS)
Internal expanding shoe type (130 mm) (CBS)

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