FZ 25 vs Dominar 400 Comparison Review

Updated on: Mar 04, 2017
Bajaj Dominar 400 vs Yamaha FZ25 Comparison Review:

"The Dominar does feel a bit intimidating due to its bulk, initially, but on the move it feels fairly easy to maneuver, even in rush hour traffic. FZ25 on the other hand feels positively tiny compared the Dominar and its 785 mm seat height makes it a boon for shorter riders"

Pricing & Features Comparison:
The Yamaha FZ25 (non-ABS) retails for 1.34 Lakh Rs on road Delhi, which is around 20,000 Rs. cheaper than the non-ABS version of the Dominar 400 costing 1.53 Lakh Rs. The Dominar ABS retails for 1.68 Lakh Rs. making it around 35,000 Rs. more expensive than the FZ25. Both bikes get LED Headlamps and Digitil Speedo consoles, but the Dominar also gets a slipper clutch, which is absent on the FZ.

Performance & Tractability Comparison:
The Dominar and the FZ25, are diametrically opposite to each other, in terms of their riding characteristics. The FZ25 has a meaty low-end, and excellent tractability around town, just like its smaller sibling. The Dominar sorely disappoints at lower revs. Coupled with its mammoth weight and muted exhaust note, it feels as weedy as a 125 cc bike, while riding around town!

 But as the road opens up, the Dominar, leaves the FZ25 gasping for breath. It is considerably quicker than the FZ, to 100 kph, with a 0-100 time of just over 8 seconds, compared to FZ25's timing of over 12 seconds. Dominar's top-speed, is also a good 20 kph higher than the FZ's. The FZ peaks out around the 7000 rpm mark, and progress beyond that, is extremely slow, and plagued with vibrations.

Power-to-Weight Ratio (PS/ton): FZ25 - 141, Dominar 400 – 192 (difference 36%)
Torque-to-Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): FZ25 - 135, Dominar 400 – 192

Power (PS@rpm): FZ25 – 20.9@8000, Dominar 400 – 35@8000
Torque (Nm@rpm): FZ25 – 20@6000, Dominar 400 – 35@6500
Kerb Weight (kg): FZ25 – 148, Dominar 400 – 182

Displacement (cc):
 FZ25 – 249, Dominar 400 – 373.3
Gearbox: FZ25 – 5 speed, Dominar 400 – 6 speed

Reliability & After Sales Service Comparison:
Over the past 30 years, all of us have observed, umpteen times, that Yamaha bikes have lasted longer, had lesser issues and received slightly better Service Support than Bajaj. Yamaha's bikes have always stood out in the market in terms of quality. But the FZ25 doesn't quite feel up-to Yamaha's usual standards, in terms of build quality and plastics, even compared to its own stablemates, like the humble SS125. Not that Dominar's build quality is any better, just that such oversight is unexpected from Yamaha. Overall, the FZ25 will still survive the test of time better, than the Dominar.

Fuel Efficiency Comparison:
In our back-to-back tests, the FZ25 was a whopping 12 kmpl more efficient than the Dominar 400!

ARAI Mileage (kmpl): FZ25 – 39, Dominar 400 - 27

Fuel Cost (for 60,000 km): FZ25 – 1.30 Lakh, Dominar 400 – 1.70 Lakh

Resale & Cost of Ownership Comparison:
The Dominar 400 is bound to depreciate slightly more than the FZ25, mainly due to the lack of fuel efficiency and reliability concerns over the next 5 to 7 years. The FZ25 works out to be a good 50,000 Rs. cheaper than the Dominar 400 (non-ABS) in terms of Overall Ownership Costs.

Resale Value (after 5 to 7 years):
FZ25 – 65,000 Rs.
Dominar 400 (non-ABS) – 75,000 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership:
FZ25 – 1.95 Lakh
Dominar 400 (non-ABS) – 2.45 Lakh

Handling & Ride Quality Comparison:
The Dominar is no match to the FZ25, when it comes to dynamics. Yamaha has been dominating the dynamics, in every segment that it has been competing, all over the world, from scooters to MotoGP! While Bajaj is just getting to grips, with newer technologies like perimeter frames, monoshock and stamped metal swingarms.

 The result is that the FZ can run rings around the Dominar. The FZ25 is far more agile, holds its line much better, and gives far better feedback from the tarmac, compared to the Dominar. The Dominar's excessively steep rake angle, is its biggest flaw! It has seriously impacted its maneuverability around town, and has resulted in excessive pitching, on applying the front brake. Only good thing about the Dominar, is that its soft suspension setup, makes it more comfortable over bad roads, than the FZ.

Wheelbase (mm): FZ25 – 1360, Dominar 400 – 1435

Ground Clearance (mm): FZ25 – 160, Dominar 400 - 157

Tyre Size:
Front: FZ25 – 100/80R17, Dominar 400 – 110/70R17
Rear: FZ25 – 140/70R17, Dominar 400 – 150/60R17

Comfort & Ergonomics Comparison:
Both bikes have been tailored, for a street-fighter riding position, with a mildly forward leaning posture. However, they have paid enough attention, to ensure, that the rider stays comfortable, even during longer rides. Both bikes have generous seats for the rider, as well as the pillion. The Dominar does feel a bit intimidating, due to its bulk, on first impressions, but on the move, it feels fairly easy to maneuver, even in rush hour traffic. FZ25 on the other hand, feels positively tiny, compared the Dominar, and its 785 mm seat height, makes it a boon for shorter riders.

Seat height (mm): FZ25 – 785, Dominar 400 - 800

Among the two, we would go for the FZ25. It delivers better than the Dominar, on the everyday riding requirements. Lets face it, majority of us are going to do most of our riding in and around city streets. In such a scenario, the FZ25 is much more tractable, more maneuverable and overall far less demanding, than the Dominar. On the occasional Sunday morning ride to the hills, the FZ would still be the better bike, thanks to its breadth of handling capabilities, and more usable, more predictable, power delivery. On the longer tours, the Dominar would perform better, but the FZ25 wouldn't be far behind, it will cruise comfortably, at triple digit speeds and in fact, keep the rider a tad bit more comfortable, than the Dominar.

Its only flaw is that the FZ25 is not good at 'posing'. It doesn't have the presence of a big bike, and can easily be mistaken, for the ubiquitous FZ16, by majority of the population. But as you already know, we don't give a damn about posers, and hence we declare the Dominar, as the clear loser of this test.

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