Lycan Electric Bike Unveiled

Updated on: Apr 25, 2017
Lycan Electric Moped Revealed:
Looking at the specs and details, we expect the Lycan to retail for 55,000-60,000 Rs. on road, and the best thing is that it is bound to hit the showrooms within a couple of weeks.

Lycan Electric Review Video: WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

The Lycan instinctively reminded us of the Luna! But that's not necessarily a bad thing. If it can mobilise the millions of fence sitters into opting for an electric vehicle, that would be a brilliant coup for the Pune based startup.

Basic specs reveal a delightfully nimble runabout, weighing just 45 kilograms, with a top speed of 25 kmph, and a range of 50 kilometres on a single charge.

The Lycan is a comfy city runabout with a delightfully torquey pick-up. It surprises the rider by it's quick throttle response, and seamless power delivery. The front and rear suspension, coupled with fat 2.5" tires, make for a smooth and balanced ride. With pedal assist mode and a throttle, one can cruise along at a leisurely pace of 25 kph, for a distance of over 50 kilometers. The removable Li ion battery is convenient to charge at home, office or at any stop over and there are pedals present, just in case one wishes to extend the bike's range, or even exercise while riding about. The 250 W hub motor, with a speed cap of 25 kph, makes it a commuter, which does away with the requirement of any licence. It has sufficient power to easily tackle most of the climbs, encountered by the common user. Disc brakes at the front as well as rear, ensure good deceleration, and safe stopping. There is also a host of accessories to choose from. Overall its quite a likable ride, which will compel one go outdoor again and again.

The Lycan's fuel cost is approximately 10 paise per kilometre, which at current fuel prices equates to an efficiency of 760 kilometres per litre if we were to calculate its petrol equivalent fuel economy!

A digital speedometer and a front disc brake indicate good attention to detail and generously sized carrier racks at both front and rear will up the practicality quotient.

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