Suzuki All New Access 125 vs Honda Activa 125

Both Suzuki Access 125 and Honda Activa 125 are very closely matched in terms of specs. but hang-on, there is a winner.  

 Important Bits:

Suzuki All New Access 125
Honda Activa 125
(On Road price (Mumbai) (approx. figures)
Drum Brake Variant
₹ 66,950
Disk Brake Variant ₹ 70844
Drum Brake Variant
₹ 69,500
Disc Brake Variant
Engine Displacement (CC)
124 cc
Power (PS@rpm)
8.6 bhp @ 7000 rpm
(8.52 bhp) @6500 rpm
Real World Mileage
50-55 kmpl
50-55 kmpl
Kerb Weight
102 kgs.
108 kgs.

Access 125 2017 vs Honda Activa 125 BS IV Video:

Pricing & Features:
The All New Suzuki Access 125 retails at 66,950 for the Drum variant and 70,844 for the Disc variant (both on-road prices). It has seen a complete redesign for this year. Honda Activa 125 on the other hand retails at around 69,500 for the Drum + Alloy Wheel variant and ₹72,000 for the Disc + Alloy variant (both on-road prices).

Prominent changes in the Access include a complete redesigned retro-styled look, Chrome Head Lamp cover which helps not only in styling but ensures long spread of the headlight. Additionally, some well thought of Suzuki features that come in handy. Although the Activa 125 does come with an Automatic Headlamp on (AHO) but we believe that it doesn’t add much value. 

One important point to mention here is the Access weighs 102 Kgs. While the Activa 125 weighs 108 Kgs. This difference in the two scooters translates to a better P2W ratio and better fuel economy for the Access. Remember, weight is always the killer.

Build Quality & Refinement:
Both Scooters are well built and are refined though the Suzuki Access does feel like a better finished product of the two.

The Activa 125 has a full metal body while the Suzuki Access claims it does but it is not, however, that is in no way a deal-breaker.

Both Scooters are very evenly matched, Access sports a new SEP BSIV engine while the Activa 125 sports a HET BSIV engine. Both are reliable and are based on proven platforms but in our tests the Access came out to be the better performer in terms of slightly better acceleration and better refined of the two.

Both return similar Average per litre however, Suzuki does claim a higher return and can even do so but all this largely depends on the individuals riding style.

Comfort & Ergonomics:
This is where the New Suzuki Access 125 really shines and by far it a very well thought of, practical scooter (as they say, devil is in the details). Suzuki did think a lot in terms of the user. For eg. It now sports a new and improved longer seat and floor board, both help in comfort and carrying the extra grocery that mum ordered you to get from the supermarket.

The luggage compartment is also slightly larger and the largest in its segment.  It has a well thought of front pocket which can even hold a water bottle but it is mainly for mobile phones, also comes with an optional charging point. One push central locking system works really well because you don’t have to remove the key every time you want to open the seat. It is an extremely convenient and well thought of feature.
Both Access and Activa come with a combination of Digital + Analogue meter.

Handling & Ride Quality:
Both Scooters are well made, ride really well and quality is good. The engine on the Suzuki Access felt more refined, smooth and quicker off the mark in our tests.

Reliability & After Sales Service: 
Both scooters are extremely reliable thanks to their Japanese lineage and the after-sales service is pretty well established throughout the country.


Both scooters are very evenly matched however, we will pick the Suzuki Access owing to slightly better engine performance, it is also cheaper than the comparable Activa 125 model by roughly 2500. (Alloy Wheels + Electric start + Drum Brake). But really the difference for us was the practicality, performance and reliability of the Access. All this does not justify the additional 2500 you pay for the Activa.