Why we ride...

From my childhood I was desperate to grow up only to feel the adrenaline and excitement of riding a motorbike. Adrenaline and excitement, these were very big words back then, it was just an unknown feeling that gushed through my body whenever I used to hear a motorbike rev up. Growing up to this modern day world where we have motorbikes of all classes and categories available in India is a dream come true. The Indian market is flooded with powerful 1000cc bikes notching mind boggling speeds of 300kms per hour to 150cc motorbikes with good fuel efficiency. There is something for everyone. From super light sports bikes like the Ducati 1299 Panigale r Final edition weighing at 156 kilos  to heavy duty cruisers like the Indian Motorcycles Chief classic stacking miles upon miles through the interstate highways, every manufacturer has their flagship bikes competing against each other throughout each segment. It is just about the right time when you find your right mate to only feel the power and freedom that lies ahead in the journey. That feel of freedom and immense joy that comes of riding a motorbike is something that cannot be dictated or made understood. It is solely a feeling which many do not hesitate to call an emotion. This emotion is all that is needed to pack your bags leave the cruel world behind and head towards the unknown roads of the highways or may it be the twisty mountain roads which encourages to put your knees down and rev it like there is no tomorrow. So stop asking questions and find your right mate. But be careful because sometimes you might end up with more than one ;) Moreover you should be always careful and wear adequate protective gears when riding. Ride safe. happy riding. 

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                                                                                   ~Caprese ak