Current Resale Price of KTM Duke 390

KTM 390 Duke has a Resale Value of as low as ₹63,000 for BS3 (non Slipper Clutch i.e. 2013 to July 2015), ₹80,000 for BS3 (Slipper Clutch i.e. July 2015 to March 2017), ₹1.15 Lakh for BS4 (April 2017 to March 2020), ₹2 Lakh for BS6 Phase 1 (April 2020 to March 2023)

on 27th March 2024: a 2014 model was listed for ₹45,000! But condition is not very good and it is a non-slipper-clutch model, so avoid pursuing these type of listings.

as on 12th March 2024: BS3 (non Slipper Clutch)

as on 27th March 2024: 2016 Model with Comprehensive Insurance Listed for just ₹80,000! listing link
This is perhaps the best value-for-money deal in the used-bike market today, because the August-2015 to March-2017 Duke 390, i.e. the BS3 Slipper Clutch model.

The BS-three, Slipper Clutch, Duke three-ninety, is beyond doubt, the absolute goat of the used-bike market today. It costs just eighty-thousand rupees, for a pretty well-maintained specimen. Add on some top-shelf tyres, for example, a pair of W-rated Pirelli Diablo Rosso threes, and you will have spent just over one lakh. But the value recieved, will be far greater than a Triumph Speed four-hundred, which costs almost three lakh, on road. And yet, your Duke will be one-second quicker than the Triumph, to a hundred kph. No wonder, given that your Duke has twenty-eight percent higher power-to-weight ratio, than the Triumph. Even the top-speed of your Duke, will be twenty kph faster than that Triumph. But that's not all, you Duke also has more suspension travel than the Triumph. Plus, the grip and agility of your Pirellis is also better than the MRF Steel Brace, or Apollo Aplha H-one tyres, of the Triumph. Check out the links in pinned comment, for proofs of performance & tyre technology explanation.

Has your friend just bought an Apache RTR three-ten? Is he boasting about electronic trinkets, like his quick-shifter, or his TFT Speedometer? Why not give him a dose of reality, in just one third of his budget? Simply get a Duke three ninety BS-three, with Slipper Clutch, for eighty thousand rupees. Link in pinned comment. Add on a set of exactly same tyres that the RTR has, that is the Michelin Road-five, which are available for twenty-thousand a pair. And in one lakh rupees, you got yourself a rocket. Now you can out-drag your friend's RTR, every-time he tries to pull a drag-race, at the traffic lights, with an embarrassing, one-point six second quicker acceleration to hundred kph, regardless of however quickly his quick-shifter is able to shift. And continue embarrassing him on the highway, with eleven kph higher top speed. Proofs of both bikes GPS verified top-speeds, and zero-to-hundred acceleration videos, in the pinned comment along with further comparison... 
What makes this model the GOAT is its ballistic acceleration. It was clearly quicker than the BS4 Duke 390 (Drag Race link here). It had longer suspension travel, lower seat-height, more upright ergonomics and is available for a good forty thousand rupees cheaper than the BS4 model in the used-bike market today.

as on 12th March 2024: BS3 (Slipper Clutch)

as on 12th March 2024: BS4

as on 12th March 2024: BS6

What about a used RC 390?
This is Bike-comparos very own RC 390. Its a twenty-fourteen model, bought in twenty-twenty-two, with a running of forty-thousand kilometers, for a splendor-beating price, of eighty four thousand rupees. It was immediately upgraded to Michelin Road five tyres, worth twenty thousand. Next upgrade was sintered pads at the front, worth twenty-seven-hundred. That was followed by a piggy-back, Fuel-X-light ECU, worth sixty-five-hundred, a tyre-pressure-monitoring-system for twenty-six-hundred and a full-body-wrap, worth thirty-five-hundred. That brings the total, to one-lakh, nineteen-thousand. The rear tyre-hugger and mirrors were missing, which cost fifteen hundred and three thousand respectively, and the rear mono-shock was shot, whose replacement cost six-thousand. That brings the total to one lakh twenty nine thousand. I needed the seating position to be more upright, for which the Duke's triple-tee and handle-bar were swapped-in. Further info, in the pinned comment.