Honda CB Hornet 160R vs Unicorn 160 Comparison

CB Hornet 160R vs Unicorn 160 Comparison
Performance & Tractability:
The big surprise here is that the Hornet 160R is actually 3% down compared to the Unicorn 160, in torque-to-weight ratio, and that too in spite of the Unicorn 160 making peak torque 500 rpm lower than the Hornet. Hornet 160R does make up for it by putting out a better power-to-weight ratio than the Unicorn 160. Actual performance of both bikes is more or less similar, but thanks to the smaller stubbier exhaust, the Hornet 160R has a more sportier exhaust note and thus ‘feels’ faster than the Unicorn 160.

Honda CB Unicorn 160R vs CB Hornet 160 Video:

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): CB Hornet 160R – 113, Unicorn 160 - 109 (Δ4%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): CB Hornet 160R – 105.4, Unicorn 160 - 108.2 (Δ3%)

Power (PS@rpm): CB Hornet 160R – 15.88@8500, Unicorn 160 - 14.71@8000
Torque (Nm@rpm): CB Hornet 160R – 14.76@6500, Unicorn 160 - 14.61@6000
Displacement (cc): CB Hornet 160R – 162.71, Unicorn 160 – 162.71

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Kerb Weight (kg): CB Hornet 160R – 140, Unicorn 160 – 135

Refinement & Build Quality:
Both bikes share the same power-plant in slightly different states of tune and are supremely refined bikes in the broader sense. But the Unicorn 160 feels like it’s just too refined for its own good, making it sound like an out and out commuter. Even the Hornet 160R, though a significant improvement in sportiness over the Unicorn 160, it still doesn’t sound as sporty as a sportily intended bike should sound.

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Handling & Ride Quality:
The Hornet 160R inspires better confidence around the corners thanks to the wider tyres compared to Unicorn’s narrow ones. The difference is quite apparent during panic braking, where the Unicorn 160’s contact patches feel highly inadequate for quick and safe deceleration. Lower weight and slightly smaller wheelbase adds a touch of agility to the Unicorn 160 in comparison to the Hornet 160R. But Hornet’s advantage in sheer mechanical grip makes it the weapon of choice for corner carving. Both bikes have a slightly stiff low-speed ride, but both of them have excellent pliancy, comfort and stability over bumps at speed.

Tyre - Front: CB Hornet 160R – 100/80R17, Unicorn 160 - 80/100R17
Tyre - Rear: CB Hornet 160R – 140/70R17, Unicorn 160 - 110/80R17
Wheelbase (mm): CB Hornet 160R – 1345, Unicorn 160 - 1324

Comfort & Ergonomics:
The Hornet 160R has slightly sportier ergonomics than the Unicorn 160, thanks to lower handlebars and significantly rear-set footpegs. The Hornet’s riding position though sporty, does not feel uncomfortable at all. The Unicorn's out-and-out commuterish riding position and a long and well-cushioned seat feels immensely comfortable as well.

The CB Hornet 160R (STD) retails for 79,900 Rs. ex-showroom, Delhi, which makes it 7500 Rs. more expensive than the Unicorn 160 (STD) having a sticker price of 72,400 Rs.

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Fuel Efficiency: Both the CB Hornet 160R and Unicorn 160 have an ARAI certified mileage of 62 kmpl. In our back to back tests the Unicorn was just over 1 kmpl more efficient than the Hornet 160R. For us the Hornet 160R is better value-for-money than the Unicorn 160 as it will provide a decade worth of sportier riding feel for almost the same fuel expenditure as the Unicorn 160!

Reliability & After Sales Service: Honda has proven beyond doubt that its products are simply the best in the world in terms of their bulletproof reliability and after sales service. Servicing at the authorized service centre might be a little expensive compared to TVS or Bajaj, but that is more than made up by decades of trouble free ownership experience and peace of mind while owning a Honda bike.

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Verdict: Hornet 160R is better than Unicorn 160

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