Top 10 Power to Weight Ratio Bikes under 2 Lakh

Bikes with highest Power-to-Weight Ratio Under 2 Lakh Rupees in India

When it comes to performance, looking at the most used and abused "Horsepower" is not enough. Many a times, especially in our Bullet infested Indian market, the power advantage is more or less neutralized by hefty kerb weights. Instead the power-to-weight ratio is a far better indicator of actual, on-road performance of bikes. Although nothing can beat the result of a bolted VBOX and resulting acceleration, roll-on or top-speed numbers, it may not always be possible to bolt on a VBOX onto dozens of bikes and do performance runs before making our decision. The power to weight ratio remains the next best alternative for performance comparison

#10. Mahindra Mojo: 148 PS/ton (27.2 PS, 182 kg, 1.58 Lakh)
The big and burly maiden sports bike from Mahindra just makes it to the list. 10th place does seem like a disappointment for a 300cc bike, but it makes up for the lack of outright performance with its linear power delivery, great tractability and surprisingly good refinement even at the top-end of its rev range from the Loncin, China sourced power-plant. We would recommend this over any and every Royal Enfield Motorcycle to the readers.

#9. Bajaj Pulsar RS200: 148 PS/ton (24.5 PS, 165 kg, 1.20 Lakh)
For all its racy looks, the RS200 remains the slowest bike amongst the 200cc Pulsars. The 14 kgs of added plastic fairing more than negate any advantage gained from the added fuel injection. The exhaust note also sounds totally unlike what you would expect from such a racy looking bike. We hope Bajaj come up with the RS400 and remedy the situation as soon as possible.

#8. Bajaj Pulsar AS200: 154 PS/ton (23.5 PS, 153 kg, 94,000 Rs.)
The AS200 has to be the best-value-for-money motorcycle on the list. It has the carbed and SOHCed engine from the Duke 200, a perimeter frame, that fantastic HID headlamp and a fairly functional windscreen. It can convincingly play the role of a tourer, a sprinter and a commuter and that too at one of the lowest price tags on the list! It is products like these which make us believe in the new-age "Make in India" campaign as well as the old "Be Indian, Buy Indian" proverb.

#7. Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS: 156 PS/ton (23.5 PS, 151 kg, 92,000 Rs.)

#6. Royal Enfield Continental GT: 158 PS/ton (29.1 PS, 184 kg, 1.92 Lakh)

#5. Honda CBR250R: 163 PS/ton (26.5 PS, 163 kg, 1.60 Lakh)

#4. KTM RC 200: 168 PS/ton (25.8 PS, 154 kg, 1.67 Lakh)

#3. Benelli TNT 25: 180 PS/ton (28.6 PS, 159 kg, 1.68 Lakh)

#2. KTM Duke 200: 190 PS/ton (25.8 PS, 136 kg, 1.38 Lakh)
#1. KTM Duke 390: 313 PS/ton (43.5 PS, 139 kg, 1.90 Lakh)