Mahindra Mojo Vs Benelli 300

Mahindra Mojo vs Benelli TNT 300 Comparison Review

In the race of the 300 hundreds we have two contenders, the long awaited Mahindra Mojo and the Italian Benelli 300. This is the new breed of bike segment in India now in which most of the bike manufacturers are competing in this segment now. This segment has less volumes than the 100cc but better than the 600 hundreds and litre class once.
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While talking about the Mahindra Mojo, it was showcased somewhere around 2010 to the masses. But it took really long time to hit the roads. Finally in 2015 it did hit the Indian roads. On the other hand Benelli has long history of bikes and they managed to launch the bike in 2015 in India.

Talking about the Mahindra Mojo at a first glance the bike looks quite weird specially the headlight area. The headlights are too gigantic for the proportion of the bikes residual body, from the side view the bike design has a good flow though. Looking from the rear the fuel tank seem slightly small and narrowed. The twin exhausts looks pretty decent from the rear of the bike.

The stainless steel finish of the Muffler are awesome and with removable DB killers you can experience the raging sound from the dual exhaust. The dual exhaust does give a feel of having two cylinder with one. The bike’s cluster display is quite different than the other bikes available in India. The display features an analog Rpm meter and a digital speedo, the indication are completely biased on the left of the cluster display even the RH indicator signal is displayed on the left side of the cluster which makes is quite odd. On the other hand the ignition key position is on the horizon of the tank which is something different. The seat on the Mahindra Mojo is quite good cushioned and bolstered, but again the pillion rider is not at great comfort not to be compared with the KTM’s though. The riding posture on the Mojo is quite happy, but when you will first sit on the bike and try to put in second gear you will surly try to find the gear heal shifter as on the commuter bikes. The suspension setup on the Mojo is quite good but the bike wheel base makes it difficult to maneuver at times, it’s a happy go cruising motorcycle and not a track bike. Both front and rear tires are great, Pirelli Diablo Rosso II comes as an option although. On the engine performance the Loncin engine has some grunt but due to 182kgs of kerb weight the bike tends to drag itself, fast gear shift quality is not so much of fun and reminds me of the first generation Pulsars. Overall bikes fit and finish can be improved, the bike also uses same switch as the Bajaj night glow featured on the Pulsars and the KTM’s the only difference is the led color.

Now talking about the Benelli TNT 300, the bike has extreme detailing and theme oriented design allover right from the foot pegs to the ignition key design. You will find Benelli tagged on almost every area of the bike even the clutch lever yoke dust cover. But the main emblem on the tank of the Benelli 300 is very small and not identifiable for a rookie. The bike looks pretty heavy and gives a feel of larger bike. This bike alloys have too many spokes and looks pretty heavy which may take up 10-15% of the bikes kerb weight of 196Kgs. Benelli 300 styling is pretty decent and with only parking lamps the headlight looks like cobra fangs. The cluster on the Benelli is again partial digital and analog same as the Mojo but again the detailing and quality is at par to that of Mojo. Benelli also features the Hazard light switch on the left hand switch-gear. Benelli sitting posture is very comfortable for both and the seat cushion is out of the world, every bike should have similar density of cushion in my opinion. Amazing part is that both front and read suspensions are tunable at great simplicity. The engine of the Benelli is super spotless not the size though. Engine makes great sound due to its twin cylinder, best sound from any available twin cylinder bike in India currently please don’t consider RD350. The engine revs smoothly and has a very good low end torque with tall gear ratios. But if you try to do a wide open throttle you will be disappointed. Though the bike manages a good top end speed but it takes ages to reach. Again this is a fantastic bike for long rides with great road grips as both wheels gets a Pirelli tires and 160 section at rear.
Mahindra Mojo (left) and Benelli TNT300 (right)

Comparing these two bikes is a difficult task, as both come in similar engine cubic capacities but Mojo is single cylinder and the Benelli TNT is twin. But when it comes for a first motorcycle buyer and a budget constraint one can think of the Mahindra Mojo. But looking for big bike feel and no issues on the budget then Benelli is the correct choice for the guys who want to be calm on long journeys.

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Detailing of Benelli branding can be seen all over

Technical specifications
Benelli TNT300 Mojo
Displacement  300 cc 294.72 cc
Maximum Power  37.73 Bhp @ 11500 rpm 26.82 BHP @ 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque  26.5 NM @ 10000 rpm 30 Nm @ 5500 rpm
No. of Cylinders  2-Cylinder Engine Single Cylinder
No. of Gears  6-Speed Gearbox 6-Speed Gearbox
Seat Height  795 mm 814.5 mm
Ground Clearance  160 mm 173.5 mm
Kerb/Wet Weight  196 kg 182 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity  16 litres 21 litres
Top Speed  158 kmph 155 kmph

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