Benelli 300 vs Duke 390 Comparison Review

Benelli TNT 300 vs Duke 390 price, specs, review, pics & mileage

Pricing & Features: 
Benelli 300 is priced at about 3.2 lakh on road Delhi, which is exorbitantly costlier than the Duke 390 priced 2.15 lakh. If you look closely, there is a major difference between both the bikes, which is the engine architecture, the Benelli features a twin cylinder motor compared the short stroke single cylinder the Duke 390.  Both the bikes also feature upside down forks in the front, but the main difference in the USD forks is that, the Benelli USD's are open cartridge whereas the Duke 390 has an close cartridge design. Another important features in Benelli USD, forks has got the luxury to be tuned as per your liking with a small setting screw on top. The Duke 390 is equipped with ABS as standard however the Benelli 300 is not offered with an option as well.
Let's find out which bike is more suitable for your usage and practical for you.

Benelli 300: best sound from a small twin cylinder motor, seating comfort, now comes with Metzeler tires, high detailing, riding comfort, adjustable front and rear suspension
KTM Duke 390: best power to weight ratio, track performance, low price, equipped with ABS, Metzeler tires

Benelli 300: high initial cost, cost of ownership, less service stations, parts availability, high kerb weight
KTM Duke 390: small seats, hard suspension, engine overheating

Price, On Road, Delhi:
Benelli 300:  3.2 lakhs
Duke 390:  2.17 lakhs

 Benelli 300 TNT Speedo odo console

Tail lamp on the Benelli TNT 300

Performance & Tractability:
The Benelli 300 has a slow revving twin cylinder motor whereas the Duke 390’s engine is extremely hyperactive, 0-100 kmph on the Benelli is achieved in about 8.5 seconds against the 5.5 sec on the Duke. Benelli 300 can reach a top speed of about 180 kmph on the speedo's, but it really takes decade to do so. On the other hand the Duke 390 can easily hit the 175 kmph marker. Both bikes throw lot of heat on your legs in slow moving traffic condition, but where the Benelli 300 scores well is slow speed tractability, you can easily drive the Benelli at 30kmph in third gear as well. the Duke actually struggles a lot at low speeds in higher gears, the Duke 390 lags in low end engine torque. And due to short gear ratios, gear changing needs a lot of patience in slow speeds.
Benelli TNT 300 engine
KTM Duke 390 engine
 Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Benelli 300- 192, Duke 390 - 309 (difference 61%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Benelli 300- 143, Duke 390 - 252 (difference 76%) 

Power (PS@rpm): Benelli 300- 37.7@11500, Duke 390 - 43@9500
Torque (Nm@rpm): Benelli 300- 26.5@10000, Duke 390 - 35@7250

Weight (kg): Benelli 300 - 196, Duke 390 – 139

Displacement (cc): Benelli 300 - 300, Duke 390 – 373.2

Handling & Ride Quality:
Benelli TNT 300 is a big bike in volume compared to the Duke 390, even the Benelli weighs whooping 60kgs higher than the Duke. Due to higher weight changing directions at corners needs a cautious call on the Benelli. With average weight rider their are possibilities of scraping the under belly muffler on the Benelli. Duke has a very nimble character and has added advantage with the Metzeler soft compound rubbers. Benelli 300 suspensions are fully adjustable at front and rear, running over rough roads is a pleasure whereas the Duke 390 has extremely stiff suspension designed for track lovers. Overall the Benelli 300 has a softer suspension setup compared to the stiff ride of the Duke 390.

Adjustable rear suspension on Benelli TNT 300

Adjustable front suspension on the Benelli TNT 300

Tyre Size:
Front: Benelli 300 – 110/70 17, Duke 390 - 110/70 17 Tubeless 
Rear: Benelli 300 – 150/60 17, Duke 390 - 150/60 17 Tubeless 

Wheelbase (mm): Benelli 300 – 1410, Duke 390 – 1367

Comfort & Ergonomics:
Talking about this, the Benelli 300 has all in the right place, the seat cushion is very well and ample of space is available for both rider and the pillion. Handle bar position and foot pegs are also placed very well for long journeys. On the other hand the Duke's seat is very hard and too small to accommodate the rider and the pillion. Duke is a bike which is meant to be driven solo only.

Seat Height (mm): Benelli 300 - 795, Duke 390 - 800

Fuel Efficiency:
At continuous high speed riding, both bike end up giving a mileage of 22 kmpl, but in average driving conditions the Benelli 300 manages to give a mileage of 28 kmpl wherein same conditions Duke struggles to reach 25 kmpl.

ARAI Mileage: Benelli 300 - 25, Duke 390 - 28 kmpl

Fuel Cost (for usage of 40,000 km):
Benelli 300- 1.12 Lakh.
Duke 390 - 1.12 Lakh.

Reliability & After Sales Service: 
Benelli has its roots from China and has a tie-up with DSK in India, they are still trying to percolate their roots in the market. Benelli has very few number of dealers, which are located only across major cities. Consumable parts on the Benelli are quite costly compared to the KTM's.. Benelli's reliability is questionable as it's niggling issues keep showing up intermittently. On the other hand KTM has about 250+ touch points across India, mechanics are well equipped and trained as well.  Even the Duke's overall spare parts are not exorbitantly high priced as the bike itself.

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
Benelli 300 is priced quite high in-front of the Duke 390, while selling you can expect a price drop by 45-55 percent for both the bike's after usage of about 5-7 years. On cost of ownership to say, Benelli brake pads are priced at 2k per set and Benelli 300 needs 3 sets at a time. On the other hand the Duke's brakes pads may cost around 1.5k for both front and rear sets. For Benelli most of the parts are imported from outside the country whereas the KTM's parts are locally developed, thanks to Bajaj Auto.

Price (after 5 - 7 years & 40,000 km):
Benelli 300 - 1.6 lakh.
Duke 390  - 97,650 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership (Price + Fuel Cost - Resale Price):

Benelli 300 - 2.72 Lakh.
Duke 390 - 2.31 Lakh.

Practically speaking Benelli 300 is a loud noise making motorcycle meant for calm riders and for long journeys. On the other hand the Duke 390 is a hyper active performance motorcycle for young, track loving enthusiasts. Possessing Benelli 300 can become dream for some due to price tag, but the Duke 390 is reachable to the most enthusiasts. Again the cost of ownership on the Benelli can make your financially deserted. The Duke 390 is a value for money bike with minimum chipping-in. Hence Duke 390 is our clear choice.

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