Honda CB Unicorn 150 vs Shine SP Comparison Review

Honda Shine SP vs CB Unicorn Comparison Review:

Pricing & Features Comparison: 

The bike that Honda had to bring back from the grave, the Unicorn 150, retails for 78,000 Rs. on road Delhi, which is 7000 Rs. more, than the Shine SP’s ‘disc’ variant, costing 71,000 Rs. Shine SP is also available in the CBS (combi braking system) version, which retails for 73,000 Rs, on road Delhi.

Fuel Efficiency Comparison: 
In our back-to-back tests, the CB Unicorn returned a respectable efficiency of 51 kmpl, The Shine SP was 5 kmpl more efficient than the Unicorn, returning a mileage of 56 kmpl. Which means the Unicorn will burn through an additional
7000 Rs. worth of petrol over a usage of 60,000 km.

Shine SP vs Unicorn 150 Video Comparison Review:

Fuel Cost (for 60,000 km): 
CB Unicorn 150 – 84,000
Shine SP -  77,000

Performance & Tractability Comparison: 
There seems to be hardly any difference, in the power-to-weight & torque-to-weight ratios, of these two bikes on paper. But in reality, the Unicorn delivers an immensely superior engine feel over the Shine. Unicorn’s engine feels noticeably more refined, free revving and torquier than the Shines. Even the Unicorn’s exhaust note is delightfully smooth and sporty compared to the Shine’s.

Power-to-weight (PS/ton): CB Unicorn 150 – 91, Shine SP – 86 (difference 7%)
Torque-to-weight (Nm/ton): CB Unicorn 150 – 88, Shine SP – 83 (difference 6%)

Power (PS@rpm): CB Unicorn 150 – 13.32@8500, Shine SP – 10.7@7500
Torque (Nm@rpm): CB Unicorn 150 – 12.84@5500, Shine SP – 10.3@5500
Kerb Weight (kg): CB Unicorn 150 – 146, Shine SP – 124 

Handling & Ride Quality Comparison: 

Unicorn’s longer wheelbase, wider rear tyre & mono-shock rear suspension, gives it a huge advantage over the Shine. It has a much more mature and comfortable ride, than the Shine SP. It absorbs the bumps and ruts, far more effortlessly than the Shine SP, and also holds its line much better around the curves. The Unicorn also feels more stable at high speeds, and maintains better composure over a series of undulations, than the Shine

Wheelbase (mm): CB Unicorn 150 – 1340, Shine SP - 1266

Tyre Size:
Front: CB Unicorn 150 – 2.75R18 (70 mm), Shine SP – 80/100R18
Rear: CB Unicorn 150 – 100/90R18, Shine SP – 80/100R18 

Resale & Cost of Ownership Comparison: 
5 to 7 years old Unicorns, hold fantastic residual value compared to Shines, of the similar vintage. Thanks to almost 20,000 Rs. advantage, in resale price over the Shine, the Unicorn more than makes up for its higher acquisition cost, as well as its higher fuel cost, and ends up being 3000 Rs. cheaper than a Shine SP in terms of Total Cost of Ownership.

Resale Price (after 5 to 7 years): 
CB Unicorn 150 – 48,000 Rs.
Shine SP – 30,000 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership (Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value):
CB Unicorn 150 – 1.15 Lakh Rs.
Shine SP – 1.18 Lakh Rs.

The Unicorn is the clear winner of this test. For the same overall expenditure as a Shine, it offers better ride comfort, superior road holding, punchy mid-range and last but not the least a sonorous exhaust note that will accompany you for as many years as you decide to keep the bike. Even if it was 15-20% more expensive than the Shine, it still would’ve been our pick of this test.

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