Tork T6X vs Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 Comparison Review

Yamaha FZ-S V 2.0 vs Tork T6X Comparison Review:

Pricing & Features:
The Tork T6X retails for 1.25 Lakh Rs. on road, Delhi, which is 32,000 Rs. more expensive than the Yamaha FZ V2.0 retailing for 93,000 Rs. Both bikes sport monoshock rear suspension and front disc brake, but it's the newcomer Tork T6X which gets an extra rear disc brake, 4.3 inch colour-TFT Instrument Cluster and LED DRLs which are absent in the FZ-S. Looking at the considerable price difference has churned up many questions in our readers minds like; Will the Tork T6X be cheaper than the FZ-S in the long run? How much does it cost to charge it? What is the per kilometer running cost? What is the battery replacement cost? Is the performance comparable to 150 cc bikes? etc. Read on to know the answers...

Fuel Efficiency:

In our back to back tests, the FZ-S V2.0 returned quite a disappointing fuel efficiency of just 42 kmpl. The Tork T6X travels 100 kilometers on a single charge. It takes 4 units of electricity to charge, which costs roughly 20 Rs. across the nation. Tork claims that the battery pack will last 80,000 to 1 lakh kilometers and currently costs 40,000 Rs. to replace. Assuming the worst case scenario that it lasts 80,000 km and doesn't become cheaper by the time it needs replacement, it adds 50 paise per kilometer worth of battery life consumption to the running cost. Even then, if you were to reverse calculate, it would equate to petrol equivalent of 100 kmpl!

Fuel Cost: (for running of 60,000 km)

Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 – 1 Lakh Rs.
Tork T6X – 42,000 Rs.

Reliability & After Sales Service: 

Yamaha FZs have turned out to be fairly reliable vehicles, albeit a bit expensive to maintain and service at the authorized workshops. The Tork T6X inherently has far lesser number of moving parts, giving it an upper hand in terms of reliability. However, we reserve our judgement for the next year and will keep an eye out for any complaints from customers about teething troubles and service support. What Tork Motorcycles won't be able to match for a long time, is Yamaha's sheer service reach with over 1200 touch points.

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Resale & Cost of Ownership:
5-to-7 year old FZs, are available for around 45,000 Rs. today. Since the Tork T6X is a completely novel concept for our market, we expect used bike buyers to be quite skeptical about battery life, resulting in a lower resale value of around 35,000 Rs. in the year 2022. Even then, the Tork T6X works out to be cheaper than an FZ-S in terms of Total Cost of Ownership.

Resale Price: (after 5 to 7 years of usage)

Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 – 45,000
Tork T6X – 35,000

Total Cost of Ownership: (Price + Fuel Cost – Resale Value)

Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 – 1.48 Lakh Rs.
Tork T6X – 1.32 Lakh Rs.

Performance & Tractability:
Riding these two bikes back-to-back, you begin to wonder, whether electric propulsion was more suitable to automobiles in the first place? What is more relevant in your daily riding, top-speed or drivability? Full-throttle acceleration or part throttle response? Banging through the gears or seamless propulsion? A loud exhaust note or noiseless operation? Except for journalists who have lost all touch with reality, rest of the population of this world would have always chosen the second option, had they been given the choice

The Tork T6X has 51% lesser power than the FZ-S, but then it also 104% better torque than the FZ-S! This makes it unexpectedly quick off the line, especially given the lack of an exhaust note. Far quicker than the FZ-S in fact, which is no mean feat, given that the FZ-S itself is one of the quickest 150s off the line. FZ-S goes on to register a top-speed of 110 kmph, while the Tork T6X peaks out 10 kmph lower, which wont really make any difference unless you ride flat out on the highways everyday!   

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Tork T6X – 48, FZ-S V2.0 – 99 (Δ51%)

Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Tork T6X – 208, FZ-S V2.0 – 97 (Δ104%)

Power (PS@rpm): Tork T6X – 6.2 (peak), FZ-S V2.0 – 13.1@8000

Torque (Nm@rpm): Tork T6X – 27 (Zero rpm onward!), FZ-S V2.0 – 12.8@6000
Kerb Weight (kg): Tork T6X – 130, FZ-S V2.0 – 132

Displacement: Tork T6X - *Brushless DC Motor, FZ-S V2.0 - 149 cc

Handling & Ride Quality:

The FZ-S has one of the best dynamics in the business. It has ultra-wide Zapper FX1 at front and a Revz-Y at the rear making it far to easy to scrape the foot-pegs around the bends. The Tork T6X laso has sorted fundamentals and is in fact uncannily similar to the FZ in its cycle-parts. However, the more sensible tyre width, makes it less fun around the corners than the FZ-S. Ride quality on both the bikes felt a wee bit stiffer than rest of the 150 cc bikes in the market. 

Tyre Size:

Front: Tork T6X – 80/100R17, FZ-S V2.0 – 100/80R17
Rear: Tork T6X – 110/80R17, FZ-S V2.0 – 140/60R17

Wheelbase (mm): Tork T6X – 1336, FZ-S V2.0 – 1330

Ground Clearance (mm): Tork T6X - 160, FZ-S V2.0 - 160

Comfort & Ergonomics:

Both bikes have a very similar riding position, and it is quite obvious that the FZ was a big inspiration for the T6X in many ways. We would have preferred a slight more upright seating position, which would have eased off some pressure on the wrists. saddle height is also well suited for the average Indian males.
Seat Height (mm): Tork T6X - 784, FZ-S V2.0 - 790


Until now the electric vehicle revolution only seemed like a distant possibility. Till now, the EVs fell short of lay man's straightforward requirements of enough range to last a 5-day commute, re-fueling time equal to a standard meal, and adequate performance to overtake a Public Transport bus. The Tork T6X is the first EV that delivers on all these requirements and then some more like out-dragging some serious machines at traffic lights, being cheaper than equivalent petrol bikes and even looking 'cool'! It will of of course go through phases of geeks and early adopters before it is accepted by mainstream riders, but the bookings have already begun. Just imagine if a small bunch of enterprising youngsters can churn out such a capable product, what will happen when big corporations come out with their own incrementally better copycats? India's automotive landscape is about to witness a revolution and its the Tork T6X than will be remembered as the inflection point. 

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