Aprilia SR150 Race vs Duke 390 Sarcasto-Comparison

Aprilia SR150 vs Duke 390 Comparison Review

Why are we actually comparing these two? That might be a common question, you might have in mind. But their are few facts which make these two comparable with each other. Both the Aprilia SR150 and Duke 390 are actually distant cousins, who has age difference of about 22 months(223cc).

Pics courtesy: Tushar Pawar

Talking about the price and market status factor, both the Aprilia SR150 and Duke 390 are priced quite competitive in their respective segments and even though lower pricing, the presence of both the vehicles is attractive and revisiting.

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Kerb weight (90% fuel):
Aprilia SR150: 122kg
Duke 390: 154kg

Adding more, both the Aprilia SR150 and the Duke 390 have most powerful engines in their segments. Aprilia and Duke both have brought many new things for the first time in the Indian market like the widest front and rear tires, USD forks and lot more.

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Engine power and power to weight ratio:
Aprilia SR150: 10.4bhp@6750rpm
Duke 390: 43bhp@9500rpm

Now let's talk about the main area where both the vehicles come neck to neck, both the SR150 and 390 have very less sitting space for the pillion rider. Secondly both the vehicles look extremely attractive due to its radical body designs and color schemes. Both the machine motors are quite harsh at low end, they also do not have much space to carry luggage. Low end torque lags in both the machines. Even the suspension on both the machines is tuned hard for race track performance.

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Last but not the least, both the Aprilia SR150 and the Duke 390 are extremely loved by the youth, is it due to its impracticability???