Aprilia SR150 Race vs Yamaha Ray ZR Comparison Reviews

Aprilia SR150 vs Yamaha Ray ZR Comparison Review

Pricing & Features:

The Aprilia SR150 costs Rs 72,000 On-road, Pune which is almost 12k more expensive than the Ray ZR, which costs around 60,000. However, both bikes have some unique features, which separate the one from
the other. Yamaha have tried to fit in quite a lot of features which are not yet seen in the scooters from their stable, namely- edgy and layered design, front wheel disc brake, step-up rear seat, alloy wheels, a sporty exhaust, an edgy & funky looking speedo console, motorcycle type rear indicators. The only good thing about Yamaha is that it can carry a full face helmet whereas the SR can carry a half face helmet. However, Ray’s looks are overdone with many cuts and creases all across its body. 
Yamaha Ray ZR

Aprilia SR150

Aprilia SR150, on the other hand is not so edgy, but the various color combinations which go on its body work creates a lot of attraction. First is the twin headlamp setup, bigger 14” wheels with disc brake at front, fatter tyres, snazzy hi-quality stickers, unique foldable rear footrests which align with the body work when not in use, twin color theme sporty seat. This is just the actual “Motoscooter”, in India. It’s minimalist design and use of plastic parts further help improve its looks and performance.

Performance & tractability:

The Aprilia always has an edge here, which is 154.8cc, 11.4 bhp as compared to Yamaha’s 7.2bhp at 7,500 rpm, and emerges as a clear winner in outright acceleration and goes on to register a top speed of 110kmph, which is by far the highest, yet in India. Low-end torque is somewhat less in the SR however, in the mid-range it just keeps on accelerating and thanks to its lighter weight and bigger wheels; it is fast all through, from the word go. The Yamaha on the other hand has good refinement and is slow in terms of acceleration and also has lesser top speed- 82kmph. The Aprilia makes lot of noise though and engine isn’t the most refined one here.
Yamaha Ray ZR speedo dial

Aprilia SR150 Speedo dial
Power to Weight ratio (PS/ton): Aprilia SR 150- 85, Yamaha Ray ZR- 68(difference 20%)
Torque to Weight ratio (Nm/ton): Aprilia SR 150- 92, Yamaha Ray ZR-79(differenc 14%)

Power (PS@rpm): Aprilia SR 150- 11.4@6750, Yamaha Ray ZR-7.2@7,500

Torque (Nm/ton): Aprilia SR 150-11.5Nm@5,500, Yamaha Ray ZR-8.1@5000

Kerb Weight (kg): Aprilia SR 150- 122, Yamaha Ray ZR-103

Fuel Efficiency:

The Aprilia gives a mileage of 35 kmpl if ridden with hard right wrist. The Ray –ZR is better in fuel efficiency – which gives around 43kmpl. 

Reliability & After Sales Service:

The SR150 is new in the Indian market. There aren’t many service centers, as there are of Yamaha. Hence, we will have to wait and see how they expand their servicing network in the future. Obviously the SR is going to cost more in the service department. 
The Yammie on the other hand is having many sales and service counters. Also, the cost of the spare parts of Ray ZR is less, and also will retail for a good sell out price.

Handling & Ride Quality:

The SR is the best handler here with bigger and fatter tyres, add to that the longer front forks, it is as good as, you are riding a motorcycle. The SR instills confidence for the corner cravers; it just tips and tips in any corner and at insane angles, ever seen in an Indian scooter. The ZR makes do with less speed but however is a good handler with smaller tyres. The Aprilia’s ride is quite stiffer as compared to the Yammie. This however helps you in going flatout on any curve. Aprilia may not be suited for short riders as the ground clearance is on a higher side as compared to the Ray’s smaller GC and seat height too. The Yammie will take you over bad roads in aplomb; however, the smaller tyres take its toll while going through undulations. That said, both the bikes are great city rides and will put a smile on your face on city roads for their easy maneuvering. The brakes on both the scooters have adequate stopping power with the SR winning the 60-0kmph battle easily thanks to razor sharp and bigger disc at the front.

Comfort & ergonomics:
The SR as mentioned above has greater ground clearance than the ZR, hence is not suitable for shorter riders. Both the scooters have a good seat-handlebar position; the SR’s being more upright with higher handlebars. Both the scooters have very less space on the footboard, SR being marginally lower than the ZR. The switchgear and quality of plastics is way better in Aprilia than the Yamaha’s. The seat length on SR is shorter than the Yamaha’s spacious and wide seat, both- for rider as well as pillion. The SR comes with 7 litre fuel tank whereas the ZR with 5.2 litre.

The Aprilia SR 150 is one of India’s best moto scooter yet. No wonder it is Motogp paddock scooter for Team Aprilia. Outright performance, fatter tyres, longer front forks, minimalist design, eager engine, sporty ergonomics, high-quality finish levels and a visually appealing scooter – these are some of the factors that stand above the Yamaha’s Ray ZR, even though the Ray isn’t far back, but the Aprilia has an ace up its sleeve and no wonder given, its introductory ex-showroom price of 65k has attracted lot of people and the sales are on a rise. However, service costs and spare parts availability might set back some probable customers to have second thoughts on the Italian motoscooter. As of now, Vespa service centers will be servicing the SR150 and we may see some specialized service centers in coming days.
Our pick- the Aprilia !