Bajaj Dominar vs RE Himalayan Comparison Review

Bajaj Dominar vs RE Himalayan Comparison Review

Pricing & Features Comparison: 
The long awaited and frequently re-named Bajaj Dominar, retails from 1.57 to 1.72 Lakhs Rs on road Delhi. RE Himalayan costs 1.74 Lakh Rs. which is 2,000 Rs. Costlier than the top varient of the Bajaj Dominar. However, the Dominor is also available with added safety features like
 the dual channel ABS in the top-end version, the Royal Enfield guys are still thinking of whether to have it on the bike or not. The non ABS version of the Dominar is 17,000 Rs. cheaper than the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Both the Himalayan and Bajaj Dominar is equipped with both front and rear discs for better stopping. The Dominar also gets first of kind led headlamps for the Indian motorcycle. Himalayan gets a 21 inch front wheel with spokes wheels but the Dominar get set of alloys with tubeless tires.

Bajaj Dominor: LED headlamps, tubeless tires, slipper clutch, 43mm telescopic forks, comfy seat, Dual channel ABS, front and rear disc
RE Himalayan: 200mm travel suspension, higher ground clearance, Ana-digital cluster, digital compass, hazard lamps, 21 inch front wheel, luggage carrier, good cushioned seat

Bajaj Dominor: heavy weight, difficult to maneuver in city
RE Himalayan: less reliable, not meant for high speed cruising, electrical issues, heavy weight, tube type tires, low mileage, low rust resistance

Performance & Tractability Comparison: 
The Dominor is powered by a 373.2 cc engine which is partially borrowed from the Duke 390, the bike manages to generate a massive 35 bhp @ 8000 rpm which is almost 1.5 times more power than the Royal Enfield Himalayan which generates 24.5 bhp @ 6500 rpm only. Dominor can out perform at any given time against the RE Himalayan due to it rapid accelerating engine and refined power-train. Dominor can perform 0-100 in 8.2 sec, where as the Himalayan may take a yawning 12 sec to do so. Bajaj has improved the low end tractability on the Dominor to maintain its character as a cruiser rather than the hyper active Duke. RE Himalayan has a very good low end tractability, thanks to its long stroke engine which generates 32 nm @ just 4000-4500 rpm.

Power-to-Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Bajaj Dominor - 192, RE Himalayan – 135 (difference 35%)
Torque-to-Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Bajaj Dominor - 192, RE Himalayan – 176

Power (PS@rpm): Bajaj Dominor – 35@8000, RE Himalayan – 24.5@6500
Torque (Nm@rpm): Bajaj Dominor – 35@6500, RE Himalayan – 32@4000-4500
Kerb Weight (kg): Bajaj Dominor – 182, RE Himalayan – 182

Bajaj Dominor engine specification

Reliability & After Sales Service Comparison: 
Bajaj auto has been trying hard to live the quality dream, but from the launch of first Pulsar in 2001, Bajaj has progressed and continuously making efforts to address the quality. But still many times it fails to match the reliability compared to the Japanese bikes makers. After sales is on margin, but should improve soon. On the other hand we have the legends of India, the Royal Enfield bikes have become symbolic, but the buyer don't understand the incapability of the motorcycle. RE motorcycles keep on getting niggling issue like electrical short circuits, rusting on new bikes, engine color chipping, chrome peeling off, spoke loosening, high rear brake wear, wobbling, etc. RE has not be able solve simple problems even playing with same unit for decades. In comparison of both, Bajaj would always upper hand in terms of the reliability and service support.

Fuel Efficiency Comparison:  
The Bajaj Dominor has an Arai certified mileage of 40kmpl, under test conditions bike was able to give decent mileage of 35-38 kmpl, but the Himalayan engines seems to be tuned somewhat different, even after regular service the bike manages to give only 25kmpl as an overall fuel efficiency. 

Test Efficiency (kmpl): Bajaj Dominor – 38, RE Himalayan - 25

Fuel Cost (for 40,000 km): Bajaj Dominor – 79,000 Rs, RE Himalayan – 1.12 Lakhs Rs.

Resale & Cost of Ownership Comparison:  
Bajaj bikes have never been thought by the second hand buyers, mass always prefers the Honda's and the Hero's bikes. But then if left with no option, Bajaj bikes sell at 10-15% lesser than the Hero's and Honda's. Spares price is quite lower to the competition and Bajaj has got all parts localized. Taking about the RE bikes, since long time the resale price of the bikes have been too high for no reason!!! Royal Enfield buyers think that after purchasing the bike, it's not a bike but symbol of achievement. But that is not the case with the Himalayan though because it doesn't carry the legendary classy looks and most of the people in India don't accept a transroader design motorcycle. Due to a low resale value and low fuel efficiency, the RE Himalayan can become a costly affair.

Resale Value (after 3 to 5 years): 
Bajaj Dominor – 65,000
RE Himalayan– 70,000

Total Cost of Ownership:  
Bajaj Dominor – 1.89 Lakh
RE Himalayan – 2.16 Lakh

Handling & Ride Quality Comparison:  
The Dominor has been developed for the tourers, hence the bike has been provided with a higher rake angle fork, which makes it look like a cruiser. The Himalayan on the other side is fitted with extremely soft suspensions setup, which make the bike difficult to maneuver at high speeds on corners. Himalayan is not supposed to be used to lean at corners to scratch you knees but on the Dominar you can make your dream come true. Going on rough roads is like a walk in the park for RE Himalayan, higher ground clearance keeps your mind clutter free and you can jump in any terrains. Dominar on the other hand possess a long wheel base and lesser ground clearance which ends-up with lesser ramp-over angle.

Bajaj Doninor frame

Wheelbase (mm): Bajaj Dominor – 1453, RE Himalayan - 1465
Bajaj Dominor dimensions

Tyre Size:
Front: Bajaj Dominor – 110/70R17 (tubeless), RE Himalayan – 90/90 21
Rear: Bajaj Dominor – 150/60R17 (tubeless), RE Himalayan – 120/90 17

Comfort & Ergonomics Comparison:  
Royal Enfield Himalayan has quite upright sitting posture and ample of space is provided for the rider and the pillion as well. The RE Himalayan seat cushion has a memory foam like effect, if someone might have used one can understand. Even said so that the Dominar is a sports trourer, the fabric used on the seat seems to be less flexibale which makes the seat cushion feel hard and sold. But for pillion to get on the RE Himalayan can be cautious effort, as chances of shin hitting with the carrier can be murderous. RE Himalayan has a transroader appearance, which pays off to certain extent, but the Dominar is a naked machine which give you a feel of street fighter with a tourer, if given with a bigger windshield it would become one of the best touring machine of all time.

Bajaj has been thinking a lot before launching of the bike, after the not so success of the NS200, Bajaj came up with a motorcycle which can take on long distances with excitement. And even those long distances can be covered at a faster pace. Bajaj has clearly mentioned about entering into the market of the Royal Enfield's. This doesn't make any difference to the Royal Enfield manufacturing fellow because the keep on making with they are doing from past 60 years. The RE Himalayan is being sold due to its adventuring touring looks, but it's high time now customers understand the difference between emotions and engineering. Among the two, the Bajaj Dominar is a clear winner against the classy heavy metal.