BMW G310R vs BMW G310GS Comparison Review

BMW G310R vs BMW G310GS Comparison Review

BMW, the German motorcycle giant has been thinking of entering the small motorcycle markets since past few years. BMW's motorcycle engines have never been so small since last 3 decades. But few years back BMW got tied-up

with the Hosur based TVS motorcycles for the development of the 300cc mill motorcycle. Initially it was thought to build a naked street fighter and a faired version under TVS portfolio, but due do the increased demand of the adventure touring bikes which is BMW's home ground, an adventure tourer bike on same platform was also conceptualized.
BMW G310R engine
The BMW G310R and the G310GS are both powered by a common single cylinder liquid cooled engine. The bike manages to generate 34 bhp @ 9500 rpm and 28 nm @ 7500 rpm from a 313cc DOHV 4 valve mill. Both the engines will be mated to a six-speed transmission, though the final drive ratios will be different. A unique thing about the engines of both the motorcycles is that the engine's head is leaned towards the rearward side of the motorcycle and the cylinder head is turned 180 degrees, that means the inlet manifold is in front side of the motorcycle and the exhaust manifold is at the rear side of the bike. 
BMW G310R rear suspensions and modular chassis mounting frame

At first glance both the motorcycles look quite identical, but if you look closely you will find the differences. The seat of the G310GS is marginally bigger and looks well bolstered as well. The G310GS also gets a small quarter panel on the sides below the riders thugs whereas on the G310R it is not present and you can see through the bike. Another major change is in the fuel tanks, the G310GS not only gets a bulkier looking tanks but it can carry more fuel as well to help you commute longer distances.

BMW G310GS rear foot rest made from steel tubing

The rear end of the G310GS, the grab handle is also meant to carry luggage box (top box) which on the G310R is only meant for the pillion to get hold. Due to the G310GS luggage carrier the motorcycle looks longer and carries the family look of the BMW GS series of the motorcycles as well. The G310GS comes fitted with Metzeler Tourance tyres 150/70 17 rear and 110/80 R19 front, compared to the G310R's 150/60/17 rear and 110/70/17 front.

The suspension of the BMW G310GS looks identical to the G310R's but the front suspensions travel is supposedly higher to keep the bike high above the rough terrains. The Front and rear suspensions on the G310GS is around 180 mm compared to the G310R's 140 mm and 131 mm for front and rear respectively.

Headlamp styling of both the motorcycle is exactly the same, but the fitment in done in different fascia though, the G310GS gets a small mud guard attached which makes the complete speedo and visor assembly static and non moving with the handle bars as to the BMW G310R.

BMW G310R Speedo cluster
Now lets talk about the Similarities
Both the bikes share a similar modular frame, that means the frame underneath the rider to the rear most portion of the bike can be detached and another setup can be fixed. The design of the alloy wheels on both the bikes are exactly similar but not in size as mentioned earlier. The front wheel is bigger on the G310GS. The GS won't be getting spoked wheeled rims similar to other adventure bikes, but alloys give an advantage to keep the tires tubeless. It is possible to go tubeless on spoke wheels well but it's not practical solution considering the cost involved. Other areas where both the bikes share exact same components are like rear swing arm, front and rear brakes, speedometer cluster, headlamp module, control switches, rear view mirrors, etc.

On safety side both the bike will be equipped with dual channel ABS for better safety.

BMW G310R tail tidy

On the G310GS and 
R braking job is done by a 300 mm front and 240 mm disc rear disc.
The instrument cluster on the Both the BMW G310R and G310GS has a digital speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, trip-meter, odometer, and other tell-tale LED lights.

We expect both the bike to have extreme refinement compared to it near contender like the Duke. At time of unveiling, BMW senior official has claimed that these small capacity bike will posses all the characteristics and refinement similar to the bigger sibling manufactured across the globe. Earlier the launch was schedule at end of 2016, but due to production issue and introduction of the GS model, both BMW G310R and G310GS launch is planned in mid of 2017.