Hero Glamour vs Bajaj V12 Comparison Review

Published on : Feb 25, 2017
Bajaj V12 vs Hero Glamour Comparison Review :

Pricing & Features Comparison:
The latest offering from Bajaj in its V-series is the V12, priced at 62,000 Rs. on-road Delhi and pit itself against the Hero Glamour which will be available in two options - carburated and Fuel injected and will be priced at 64,000 and 69,000 Rs. respectively. The V12 comes with only a standard variant but the Glamour can picked from the option of a Drum or Disk brakes.

Both of these motorcycles gets a 125cc engine. The Glamour outdo Bajaj V12 in terms of the features which it offers to the Buyers. Glamour gets extra features over the V12 like the all new instrument cluster dominated by an analogue speedometer. The digital readout houses a fuel gauge, fuel economy and both odo and trip-meter. It also gets a front disk brake which misses out on the V12. Both tyres on the Glamour are Tubeless while the V12 trade-off with tube tyres. The advanced i3S start/stop technology on the Glamour is first in the segment feature.
Common features on both are LED Taillight, AHO (Auto Headlight On), pilot lamps at front,electric start, clear lamp indicator and a maintenance free battery.

Price, On Road, Delhi:
Bajaj V12 - 62,000 Rs.
Hero Glamour Carb - 64,000 Rs.
Hero Glamour FI - 69,000 Rs.

Performance & Tractability:
Glamour is fitted with a brand-new 125cc engine which is now BS-IV compliant fetching about 27 percent more power that goes up-to 11.5bhp and an improved 6 percent of torque which now translates to 11Nm. The fuel injected variant is frisky and responds very well to the throttle inputs. The engine feels refined with the power evenly spread across the range. The bottom-end performance feels controlled and the 4-speed gearbox offers precise ratio with effortless transition ensuring minimal downshifts to tackle daily traffic conditions. The air cooled engine takes time to reach the 100 km/h mark but once it reaches there, the refinement levels are maintained and minimal vibrations are felt. The i3S start/stop system in the Glamour aid its performance and of course proves to be really nifty in stop and go traffic conditions.
Bajaj V12's single cylinder 125cc engine is borrowed from its Discover sibling, but is capable to generate a longer stroke and more torque. The 10.5 horses on-board makes 11Nm of torque that makes it on par with its competitors. As you start the V12 the first thing to surprise you will be its exquisite exhaust note sounding different from other 125cc bikes. The engine gets lusty low and mid range, which is highly admirable while commuting. The engine is smooth but not as much when compared with Glamour. The 5-speed gearbox operate fluently without demanding frequent downshifts at lower speeds with higher gears thus making it apt in urban commute and that extra fifth gear lends amenable cruising character. It pulls linearly up-to 70 km/h but further that the engine strives hard but struggles to maintain the flow which led to vibes across the handlebar and seats.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Glamour - 84, V12 - 72
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Glamour - 79 , V12 - 75

Power (PS@rpm): Glamour - 11.5@7500 , V12 - 10.5@7500
Torque (Nm@rpm): Glamour - 11@6000, V12 - 11@5500
Kerb Weight (kg): Glamour - 125 , V12 - 133

Displacement (cc): Glamour - 124.7 , V12 - 124.5
Gear-box: Glamour - 4 Speed, V12 - 5 Speed

Fuel Efficiency:
The V12 is claimed to return an ARAI certified mileage of around 75 km/l while the Glamour is claimed to give you around 81 km/l. In real world conditions and mixed riding the Bajaj V12 will return you a fuel efficiency of 58 km/l and the Hero Glamour with Carburated engine delivers about 60 km/l and the Fuel injected variant will give you 62 km/l which and thus proves to be more fuel efficient than the V12. Thanks to the i3S smart technology by Hero which certainly boosts up the mileage by switching off the engine when in idle and starts it again when the clutch is pulled. It also helps in improving the overall performance of the engine ensuring long durability.

ARAI Certified Mileage (kmpl) :Glamour - 81.2  , V12 - 75
Test Mileage (kmpl) :Glamour - 60 (carb) and 62 (FI)  , V12 -  58

Fuel Cost ( for usage of 60,000 km) : Glamour - 72,000 Rs.  , V12 - 77,000 Rs.

Reliability & After Sales Service:
Hero Motocorp after separating from Honda has not been able to deliver the same durability as it did earlier but this doesn't means that one can doubt on their reliability as this Indian originated brand had served and delivered excellently to its customers over the past years. Same is the story with Bajaj as there is always a chance of uncertainty with their engines and this issue isn't hidden from the people. Although both of these brands are well connected to the audience across the country due to colossal expansion of their dealer and service network but haven't been able to provide satisfactory after sales service to their customers. Despite all of these downsides, both Hero and Bajaj have a strong customer base mainly because of the low cost of maintenance and service, easily availability of spare parts, good resale value and excellent cost of ownership experience.

Resale Price (after 5 - 7 years & 60,000 km): Glamour - 29,000 Rs. , V12 - 24,000 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership :
 Glamour - 2.05 Lakh  , V12 - 2.41 Lakh

Handling & Ride Quality:
Glamour is established on a new single down-tube cradle frame which not only makes it lighter than the outgoing model but also meliorate its handling. It will surprise you by the way it tackles sharp corners as it can be leaned pretty easily on sharp turns. The MRF Nylogrip Zapper FQ tyres will raise up your confidence by offering abundant grip on wet tarmac. The re-tuned suspension setup promises excellent absorption. The front disk  provide strong initial bite but could surely do better. Vibrations from the foot-pegs are only encountered above 100 km/h but nothing really to complain about it.
Bajaj V12 is quite easy to control but cannot take the corners as confident as the Glamour does because of its thin tyres and poor gripping on road which also leads in slipping under hard braking from the drum brakes at both ends which are too soft for composed braking. The addition of front disc could have easily helped in handling the braking duties. The softer suspension setup feels reasonably pliant on highways but gets exasperated on bad sections of road. The Most displeasing part is the extreme vibrations which keeps creeping out from the handlebars, seats and foot-pegs which will surely distract a riders pleasure.

Tyre Size :
Front : Glamour - 90/90 R18  , V12 - 90/90 R18 (Tube Type)
Rear :  Glamour - 100/90 R18 , V12 - 100/90 R16 (Tube Type)

Wheelbase (mm):
Glamour - 1265 , V12 - 1315

Comfort & Ergonomics:
Both Glamour and Bajaj V12 are mainly designed for the commuter friendly folks and thus offer standard commuting ergonomics. The seating position on Glamour is upright and is fairly comfortable for the rider of all sizes without giving undue strain on the body. The seat felt slightly firm though, which could take some time to get used to. Pillion comfort is excellent , with well positioned foot-pegs and a handy grab rail. The Bajaj V12 have a bit lower saddle height than that of Glamour. The tall handlebars makes you seat upright and relaxed. Seat is wide and well cushioned to offer maximum comfort to its occupants.

Seat Height (mm): 
Glamour - 790, V12 - 780

Like the lower end Splendors and Passion, the Hero Glamour is an intriguing take on the 125cc commuter segment, infusing some enthusiasm in otherwise dull segment. It stands out by offering heroic performance and feature loaded package. The build quality has been drastically improved from the outgoing variant. The refinement of its engine is its USP which certainly has a gesture of stand and deliver. The i3S technology proves to be very beneficial in everyday use and even tweak up the mileage. Although Bajaj has done everything right with the V12. It matches its rivals on almost all parameters. Be it performance, ride quality, comfort or build quality and with the legendary 'INS Vikrant' trademark, it looks and feels even more premium. The only pitfalls in the V12 is the lack of additional features like front disk brake and robust upper end punch in which the Glamour excels. Other than that both of these contenders will surely please the buyers looking for a performance friendly commuter which is efficient at the same. But to make it simple the Hero Glamour is our pick from this shootout,mainly because of its noteworthy features, productive character and a fuss-free ownership experience despite costing a few extra bucks over its rivals, the Glamour is perfect bang for your hard earned money in this price segment.

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