Okinawa Electric Scooters Copies Tork Motorcycles Website!

Published on: Apr 05, 2017

Imitation is best for of flattery, they say!

If that is true, then Tork Motorcycles should be proud of themselves as Okinawa Scooters has totally lynched the look and feel of their website!

The resemblance is so uncanny that you can almost visualize the design brief given by some 'Lalaji' at Okinawa Scooters to the IT firm, which built the website as "Make it like".

You can't blame the website designer for taking the brief too literally either!

When we dug deeper, Okinawa started looking more and more shadier.

First is that they are a 100% Indian Company but their name is Okinawa. Are they trying to pull a 'Superdry' here? For those who don't know Superdry also has no relation whatsoever to Japan. It is a 100% British Company.

Their vision mission statements are fraught with grammatical and punctuation errors, which ought to be taken as precursor to reliability issues in their Scooters!

One look at their products is enough to understand that they have been assembled from Chinese kits.

Having headquarters in Gurugram of all places, doesn't really help their case either!

Below is a screenshot of the features section of Tork Motorcycles' website, followed by a screenshot of Okinawa Scooters' website!

Such blatant imitation only goes on to reduce the credibility of the imitator. Tork on the other hand shouldn't be too concerned, such imitation will actually help them build credibility!