My Cyclobigraphy - Part 2 - Long Term Review - First 6 Months

It's been 6 addictive months since I converted my bike to an electrically assisted bike.

Many people thought that my interest in this new toy would fade away with time. It would lie gathering dust like any new gadget once the 'newness factor' waned away.

But, on the contrary, my love, affection and fascination for this gadget has been steadily rising, much to the dismay of my disapprovers! Ha ha!!

I've ridden it in Sun and rain and over hills and plains, and this thing works fabulously!!

I have had a great fall, thanks to the condition of our roads but everything is working just as new.

Seeing me on my ebike has become a regular feature at my workplace and on the routes I travel. People keep asking me how I ride so effortlessly at such a speed and many beg for a ride when I explain the technology to them. I want this! Where can I get one! - are frequently voiced expressions I hear when they've taken a ride!

Quite a few have gone my path and are enjoying their Ebikes in various ways!

I've ridden over 7000km on my bike in the last 6 months and my experience has been extremely positive. I get my share of exercise whenever I want, unwind whenever I feel like it and commute fast whenever need be. Just adjust the assist level, match your gear ( which usually ends up being the fastest one) and take your route. That's it!

Despite all the continued rough use there's never been so much as a hickup from my beloved bike so far. The electric part just doesn't need anything other than battery charging and the bike only needs cleaning and lubrication. I've consistently been doing 60 to 80 km per charge for my weight and type of riding. The motor, battery, controller and all other components are robust and don't need any looking after.

I've found the bike most advantageous when traffic jams are concerned, where I can just lift it up and walk through the jam onto the other side. I've taken it up 6-8 km mountain roads (Ghats) with hardly any effort and zoomed along highways.

I get my exercise, reach most destinations as quickly or at times quicker than my car (thanks to traffic) and save a hellova lot on fuel, not to mention my contribution towards a greener earth.

As I spend more time e-riding, it's been growing on me. E riding has become the enjoyable part of my daily routine.

Atharva Deshpande

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