All You Need To Know: Engines

Hello dear ones. We are currently at our first blog of the series 'All You Need To Know'.
Generally in these series we will be discussing various elements of a motorcycle in different blogs.

For our first blog we have the heart of a motorcycle, the growling, speed boggling, fuel gulping.... The Engine.
 Many of us know that apart from 4 stroke engine bikes there was once  2 stroke engine bikes available in india which were very popular in the shape of Yamaha RX100 and RX135.
Two-Stroke engines differ from a generalised four-stroke engine in the manner in which it develops and delivers its power.

A two stroke engine develops its power in two strokes or one complete cycle of the piston. Whereas in the four-stroke engine the power generates in a different manner.

In a Four-stroke engine the power generates in four cycles/strokes of the piston.
As seen that the power delivery of a 2-stroke engine is a lot quicker in compared to a 4-stroke motor as it takes less time to generate the power due to less strokes required. But the fuel consumption is lot greater in a 2-stoke motor than in 4-stroke motor. Moreover heavy consumption of lubricating oil.
As the population grew more eco friendly, govt. norms became strict and the 2-stroke engines gave way to more economical and environment friendly 4-stroke engines.

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