Scrambler 400 X Reality Check

Is the Triumph Scrambler 400 X worth its ridiculous asking price of 3.23 Lakh, On Road Pune?

Does the Scrambler four hundred X, offer higher value, than a used three-ninety Duke? In today's used bike market, a used three-ninety Duke, in buyable condition, is available for as low as sixty three thousand rupees. Even if you insist on a slipper-clutch equipped model, you can get it for as low as eighty-five thousand. Check out the link in the pinned comment, to see the current resale price of three ninety dukes for BS-three, BS-four and BS-six models. Now lets keep all emotions aside, and look at some objective facts, about the Scrambler, and the Duke. Both have one-fifty mm of suspension travel at the front as well as the rear. Both have a seventeen inch rear wheel, but the Duke's rear tyre is ten mm wider than the Scrambler. Duke's front tyre is also ten mm wider than the Scrambler's and what makes matters worse for the Scrambler its poverty-spec tyres, which are not-even H-rated, and their knobby pattern gives them pathetic grip while cornering even at moderate speeds. Further info in pinned comment..  

Learn to look beyond the Triumph logo pasted on this motorcycle, and what you will see is an ordinary machine. The acceleration and top-speed are a crying shame, for its four hundred cc displacement. Instead, they should call it a Scambler two-seventy-five. Firstly, because it cannot even out-drag a three-hundred and ten cc TVS, for god's sake! Secondly, it almost get's out-dragged by a two-fifty cc Suzuki that doesn't even have liquid cooling! The video-proofs of all these drag-race videos, are available in the pinned comment, for you to see. Another scam that this scamster is running, is of course its massive speedo error! There isn't a single video on the internet, in which this scamster can be seen crossing one-forty-six kph on a GPS device, while the bike's speedo needle is flying above one-sixty. The hundred-fifty-mm suspension travel at both ends, is no big deal either. The first generation Duke had that much suspension travel, and that too with WP forks not Endurance forks made by Rajiv Bajaj's cousin.