Mavrick 440 Reality Check!

Sorry Hero, your Maverick is going to be a big big flop. What are you doing Hero? Your four-hundred and forty-cc motorcycle, is not even able to match the performance of the first generation Duke two-hundred! Proofs of two-hundred duke and Maverick's acceleration and top-speed videos in the pinned comment. But henceforth, we are not going to compare the Maverick to the two-hundred. We are going to compare it to the three-ninety. Why shouldn't we? Today a well-maintained, two-thousand sixteen Duke three-ninety, that is the slipper-clutch equipped generation with adjustable levers and of course dual-channel ABS is available for just eighty thousand rupees. Add on a set of top-shelf tyres like Pirelli's Diablo Rosso three and in just over one lakh rupees, you've got yourself a motorcycle that is better than the Maverick in each and every aspect, and that too by a huge margin, be it acceleration, top-peed, suspension travel, handling and maneuverability. Video-proofs in the pinned comment.