Aprilia SR 150 Race vs Honda Dio Comparison Review

Honda Dio vs Aprilia SR 150 Comparison:

Pricing & Features:
The Aprilia SR 150 costs 75,000 Rs. on road, Delhi. This makes it a whopping, 22,000 Rs. more expensive, than the Honda Dio, which has a sticker price of 53,000 Rs. In terms of equipment, the Aprilia gets a disc brake and telescopic suspension at the front, while the Dio makes do with a drum brake, and a trailing link setup. Although, the Dio does get the CBS Combi-Braking system as standard.

Aprilia 150 vs Dio Video Comparison Review:

Price, On Road, Delhi:
Aprilia SR150: 75,000 Rs
Honda Dio: 53,000 Rs

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Performance & Tractability:
The Aprilia has a massive, 45cc bigger displacement than the Dio, giving it around 25% advantage in terms of power-to-weight ratio over the Dio. The SR 150 is quicker off the line, on a wide open throttle, taking just over 7 seconds to get to 60 kmph, compared to the Dio, which takes almost 10 seconds to get there. However, at part throttle conditions, Dio fares much better than the Aprilia, with hardly any difference being felt in terms of mid-range response between the two. Even the buttery-smooth refinement of Honda's 109 cc HET mill, and the lag-free power delivery of its CVT gearbox, is leagues ahead of the Aprilia's. Aprilia's vocal nature, coupled with its rorty exhaust note though, makes it feel faster than it is, and definitely more fun-to-ride than the Dio.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton): Aprilia SR150 - 93, Honda Dio - 75 (difference 23%)
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton): Aprilia SR150 - 94, Honda Dio - 84 (difference 11%)

Power (PS@rpm): Aprilia SR150 - 11.4@7000, Honda Dio – 7.9@7000
Torque (Nm@rpm): Aprilia SR150 - 11.5@5500, Honda Dio – 8.77@5500
Kerb Weight (kg): Aprilia SR150 - 122, Honda Dio – 105

Displacement (cc): Aprilia SR150 - 154.4, Honda Dio – 109.2

Handling & Ride Quality:
The Dio is simply no match, to the class-leading dynamics of the SR 150. Dio's trailing link front suspension and spindly tyres, mounted on tiny, 10 inch rims stand no chance against the Aprilia. Dio's underpinnings start to touch test their limits, at speeds as low as 60 kph and fail to inspire any confidence at all, above 80. Ride quality is just about acceptable at low speeds and deteriorates sharply, as the speeds rise. Handling is only good enough for snaking your way through traffic, attempt anything more, and you risk getting splattered squarely on terra firma.

The Aprilia, in contrast, sports arguably best underpinnings, of any scooter launched in the country, till date. It sports 14 inch rims on both ends, shod with 120 section, soft compound tyres, and a front disc brake. It handles better than most of the 125cc motorcycles in the country. Handling is crisp, with agile responses around switchbacks, as well as good composure around sweeping bends. It even takes mid-corner undulations in its stride. Ride is a bit too stiff for everyday use, but then we are not comparing old man's scooters here, anyways.

Tyre Size:
Front: Aprilia SR150 – 120/70 - 14, Honda Dio - 90/100 10 Tubeless
Rear: Aprilia SR150 – 120/70 - 14, Honda Dio - 90/100 10 Tubeless

Wheelbase (mm): Aprilia SR150 – 1350, Honda Dio –1238

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Comfort & Ergonomics:
Dio claws back some lost ground, with better practicality and seating comfort compared to the SR 150. It has a lower saddle height and a tapered seat profile, which is more attuned, to the requirements of the shorter members of our society, especially the ladies. Aprilia's saddle is a bit to tall, and even its length is quite limited, resulting in frequent complaints from the pillion. Both scooters do provide enough under seat storage for a helmet, although Dio's wider and lower floorboard gives it an edge over Aprilia's narrow one, in terms of practicality.

Seat Height (mm): Aprilia SR150 - 775, Honda Dio - 765

Fuel Efficiency:
The Honda Dio has an ARAI certified Mileage of 66 kmpl. That is 13 kmpl more efficient than the SR 150's fuel efficiency of 53 kmpl. In our back to back tests, the Dio was almost 10 kmpl more efficient than the Aprilia. This translates to a difference of 20,000 Rs. in fuel costs over a usage of 60,000 kms.

ARAI Mileage: Aprilia SR 150 - 53, Honda Dio – 66 kmpl

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Fuel Cost (for usage of 60,000 km):
Aprilia SR150 - 1 Lakh Rs.
Honda Dio - 80,000 Rs.

Reliability & After Sales Service: 
Honda has proven, that it's scooters can easily outlast those, made by any other manufacturer, in the World. Piaggio's scooters on the other hand, have struggled with product reliability, as well as service support issues, ever since the first Vespa, the LX 125, was launched in India. Even the sheer spread of Honda's 2500+ touch points is far more widespread than Aprilia's outlets.

Resale & Cost of Ownership:
Thanks to Honda's unparalleled track record, of providing a trouble free ownership experience to its customers, the Dio is bound to depreciate far lesser than the SR 150. 5 to 7 year old Dios sell for around 30,000 Rs today. The SR 150 on the other hand is bound to fetch around 38,000 Rs. post a usage of 5 to 7 years.

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Resale Price (after 5 - 7 years & 60,000 km):
Aprilia SR150 - 37,500 Rs.
Honda Dio - 29,500 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership (Price + Fuel Cost - Resale Price):
Overall, the SR 150 works out to be a whopping 35,000 Rs. more expensive than the Dio, in terms of overall ownership costs, and that is assuming it turns out to be as reliable as a Dio over the entire period of ownership. If not, then it is going to end up costing much more.

Aprilia SR150 - 1.38 Lakh
Honda Dio - 1.03 Lakh


Frankly, there is no competition between these two scooters. The Dio is a big disappointment. Even if you are not looking for massive performance or sportiness, we would urge you save yourself from the tyranny, of a trailing link suspension and go for one of the 110 cc, telescopic suspension equipped scooters, like Yamaha Ray, Suzuki Let's, TVS Jupiter etc.

If you are looking for the fastest automatic two wheeler, to run circles around the neighborhood, the SR 150 is the best that the market has to offer. Thankfully it does have the go to match the show, as well as the capability to control all that extra power. But that's all there is to it. It is not a good all round package. It is not practical, comfortable or even reliable enough, for other members of your family to use. Then it begs the question, that if you want an out-n-out sporty set of wheels, why go for a scooter in the first place? However good the SR 150 might be, it is no match to something like a Duke 200, in terms of performance or feel, and there are some absolutely delicious KTMs available in the used market, for similar sums of money as the Aprilia.

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