Aprilia SR 150 Long Term Ownership Review

Aprilia SR 150 Long Term Ownership Review:

It's been 1.5 months now and the Aprilia SR150 is being sold in India, we got opportunity to catch hold of customers who have ridden the Moto-scooter for more than 1000 km and get there opinions.

Aprilia SR 150 Long Term Ownership Video Review:

Space and convenience:
The Aprilia SR150 when viewed in the picture looks quite a big scooter like the Kinetic's Italiano Blaze, but in reality the scooter is very small when compared to the Activa, Access, Dio and many others. The foot board of the Aprilia SR150 is too short and very narrow, even a person with 5 feet height will end up in cramped foot space. At some instances, if you wish to sit in a lean forward posture by moving backwards, you will find the pillion will be left almost with no space. Similarly, due to small seat size the boot space under the seat is quite small, a normal size helmet may not get in from some of the brands available. Application of the side stand is a pleasure with this scooter.

Performance and feel:
On cranking, the Aprilia SR150 actually rocks in idle condition, it's probably due to lot of weight reduction from the Vespa chassis, the engineers are not able to dampen the vibrations with the plastic panels compared to the Vespa's Monocoque steel chassis. While riding you may not feel any great power delivery or neither you would think of doing hard acceleration, the bike even lags in low end tractability due to its stylish bigger wheel diameters. One important thing which can be noticed is that the engine makes too much of weird noise even when mild hard throttle is applied, which is quite annoying. The front telescopic suspension works fantastic and manages to offer good primary as well as secondary ride on different road surfaces. Overall bikes plastic (ABS material) quality is not up-to the mark and even the paint at some locations on the Aprilia SR150 looks scattered.
                                      The front brake job on the Aprilia SR150 is done by 220 mm dual piston disc, which has very good feel and even the wider tires cope with the brake efficiency, whereas the rear brake on the SR 150 do lag in performance even after the brake budding duration.

Fuel Efficiency:
On the Aprilia SR150 the fuel efficiency figures are not overwhelming, the bike manages to achieve around 38-40 kmpl with mixed driving conditions. With the bigger wheels the Aprilia SR150 should had been able to get better fuel efficiency but due it's poor low end torque it is unable to do so.

Aprilia SR150 Speedo Cluster

Really speaking the Aprilia SR 150 is more suited for small riders, mainly people with more than 5'-5'2" may face difficult as it will always lead to knee hitting and foot resting problem for the rider and then accommodating the pillion will be a task. Even if you are expecting to keep luggage in-between your legs and drive the SR 150 then your are dreaming as there is no space. Though the suspension is meant for high speed cornering the scooter faces difficult in acceleration and takes a leap to hit the top speeds. So, basically the Aprilia SR 150 is meant for the college guys those with lesser height, but guys with less height will find it difficult to touch both the feet on the ground in that case. The rear view mirror are of no use as they stay rods are too short and the adjustment is also restricted.

Owners concern:
There are still very less number of dealerships across India and getting the bike serviced, you may have to go from one side of the city to another side, which needs to be address soon by the company. Again parts availability can become an issue in the same place. The plastic body cover has to sustain for year, which is a question as the bike has too much of vibrations which may resonate with the plastic bodies frequency and start cracking up in due course of time.