UM Renegade Sport S vs Thunderbird 350 Comparison Review

Published on : Feb 04, 2017
Thunderbird 350 vs UM Renegade Sport S Comparison Review :

Pricing & Features Comparison:
The On-road price in Delhi for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is 1.58 Lakh Rs. which makes it marginally 16,000 Rs. more affordable than UM Renegade Sport S having a price tag of 1.74 Lakh Rs. on-road Delhi. Sadly, neither of the two offers any other variants like an ABS unit, even as an option for its buyers.

Both of these cruisers render noteworthy traits which are proved to be apt while riding, where Thunderbird 350 gets first in segment projector headlights for added illumination at night and parking lights for extra safety. It also gets a bigger fuel tank than the Renegade Sport S and a rear disk brake for extra safety.
Also this is the section where the Renegade Sport S out-rivals the Thunderbird 350 as it gets LED DRLs which doubles up as an indicator, USB port, sporty alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, smart Tyre repair kit, rear seat cowl as an official accessory and an Intruder type front cowl. Though the miserable part is that the Sport S doesn't offer rear disk's which are standard fitment in the Thunderbird 350.

Price, On Road, Delhi:
Thunderbird 350 : 1.58 Lakh Rs.
Renegade Sport S : 1.74 Lakh Rs.

Performance & Tractability Comparison:
Powering the Thunderbird 350 is Royal Enfield's traditional 350cc Twin-spark motor developing 19.8 bhp of maximum power. Its performance is somewhat identical to the Classics out there.There is enough power coming from that 350cc mill, making accelerations butter smooth. Tall gears ratio makes it very facile to be managed in the City traffic conditions and even enjoyable in highways as it oomph you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, but takes centuries to reach 100 kmph mark on the speedo! Thunderbird misses out on trademark Royal Enfield Thump but will amuse you with its balanced yet peasant exhaust note.

At the heart of Renegade Sport S is 279.5 cc , single cylinder liquid cooled engine putting out 24.8 bhp and 21.8 Nm of peak torque. The figures are quite interesting and so is the performance of this dainty Cruiser from UM. It will completely thrill you by its fiery 279cc peppy motor. Sport S has an instant surge of power from the rear wheel which pushes you forward avidly. Throttle response is crisp and accurate throughout the rev range and conquers the 100 kmph mark blisteringly fast and with its auxiliary sixth gear on-board its skilled enough to touch 125 kmph mark easily. Though the Engine refinement and harshness levels could have been way better and improved to what it is now.

Power to Weight Ratio (PS/ton) : Thunderbird 350 - 103, Renegade Sport S - 134
Torque to Weight Ratio (Nm/ton) : Thunderbird 350 - 146, Renegade Sport S - 118

Power (PS@rpm) :Thunderbird 350 - 19.8@5250, Renegade Sport S - 24.8@8500
Torque (Nm@rpm) :Thunderbird 350 - 28@4000, Renegade Sport S - 21.8@7000
Kerb Weight (kg) : Thunderbird 350 - 192, Renegade Sport S - 169

Displacement (cc) :Thunderbird 350 - 346, Renegade Sport S - 279.5
Gearbox :Thunderbird 350 - 5 Speed, Renegade Sport S - 6 Speed

Fuel Efficiency:
Thunderbird 350 returns you a mileage of around 30-35 kmpl in city with mixed riding conditions and about 40 kmpl in the Highways. The twin-spark engine in the Thunderbird really helps in improving its fuel efficiency despite of having 28 Nm of torque and higher kerb weight.
The Renegade Sport S promises to deliver you fuel efficiency of 35 kmpl in city conditions and around 42 kmpl in Highways.
In real world tests the Renegade Sport S is almost 3 kmpl more efficient than the Thunderbird 350.

Test Mileage (kmpl) : Thunderbird 350 - 31 , Renegade Sport S - 34
Fuel Cost (for 60,000 km) : Thunderbird 350 - 1.50 Lakh , Renegade Sport S - 1.34 Lakh

Reliability & After Sales Service Comparison:
Royal Enfield's have always struggled with the reliability issues despite being a century old brand. They haven't  really able to tackle their authenticity as you could see many Royal Enfield owners complaining about rusting of its parts, or encountering electrical fault in their bikes which is a very common thing with Royal Enfields. The main reason being that Royal Enfield still uses age old technology in their lineup which needs to be updated. Same is the concern with its after sales service, in-spite of having healthy network across the country the service centers still lack in customer satisfaction.

UM being new brand in the country haven't really set up its network and brand reach to the people. The newly joined members in the UM family have already started questioning the reliability of its motorcycles. For instance, in Renegade sport S water gets accumulated in side mounted LED DRLs and even the body of UM's aren't that great. UM needs to do a piles of work to make their brand accessible to the folks and their network reach strong enough across the country.

Resale & Cost of Ownership Comparison :   
Royal Enfield's have a very proficient resale value in the market because of its outrageous demand and love exhibited by true Royal Enfield enthusiasts. However the cost of ownership for a Thunderbird 350 is on a loftier side due to its costlier parts and high maintenance. UM might cost you more than a Royal enfield but wouldn't give you the same resale value and you need to pay a premium amount to continue long lasting relationship with UM.

Resale Value (after 5 to 7 years) :
Thunderbird 350 - 85,000 Rs.
Renegade Sport S - 70,000 Rs.

Total Cost of Ownership: (Price + Fuel Cost - Resale Value) :
Thunderbird 350 - 2.25 Lakh
Renegade Sport S - 2.38 Lakh

Handling & Ride Quality Comparison :
Both Thunderbird 350 and Renegade Sport S provides level-headed handling and comes with wider rear tyres which proves to be bloody effective in providing the grip on the tarmac. The chassis of Thunderbird is a lot better than Sport S due to its aptly deployed body structure over the main frame, albeit the Thunderbird suffers with unendurable vibrations on the handlebar and foot pegs above the speed of 80 kmph. Other than that it offers fine-tuned suspensions making even worst roads feel like racetrack tarmac. While the Renegades longer wheelbase and higher ground clearance helps it maintaining low center of gravity for stable ride. Suspension duties on Renegade is handled by 41mm hydraulics at front and a twin setup at rear that soaks in most of the jerks and get their job done easily.

Wheelbase (mm): Thunderbird 350 - 1350, Renegade Sport S - 1545

Ground Clearance (mm): Thunderbird 350 - 150, Renegade Sport S - 200
Tyre Size: 
Front: Thunderbird 350 – 90/90R19, Renegade Sport S – 110/70R17 (Tubeless)
Rear: Thunderbird 350 – 120/80R18, Renegade Sport S – 140/90R15 (Tubeless)  

Comfort & Ergonomics Comparison:
Rider and Pillion seats on Thunderbird are ultra comfortable and best in business with stunning Backrest for the Pillion. The handlebars are raised high thus providing minimal fatigue to rider while touring because of out-stretched arms but increasing the turning radius significantly. Long journeys are enjoyable on Thunderbird due to cosy ergonomics. If we talk about the Sport S, the rider seat height has been set at a comfortable position and the seat cushion is quite soft, thus cruising along highways even for long hours feels like a pushover.The broad T-shaped handle bars and foot pegs all have been laid out in a manner to make it homely for the rider. The switch gear has been ergonomically placed on the handlebars making them easy to access and operate.

Seat height (mm): Thunderbird 350 – 775, Renegade Sport S - 750 

The negligible glitches in the Thunderbird 350 hasn't really affected its sales graph but Royal Enfield has been pinned with identical technology from years but offers raw ride quality to the enthusiasts. The Sport S have typical American cruiser appeal, zippy performance and a commanding road presence that turns head quite often. The design has got whole new character unlike Thunderbird's dated design thus proving an alternative for cruiser fanatic peeps. Virtually the Renegade Sport S is a superabundant package and is ready to trump its nemesis. The only errand for Sport S is the tuning up of UM as a well established brand by revamping its services all across the country in upcoming years.